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Kelly Warner Law is a full-service legal practice focusing on defamation law, Internet law and business law. We draft contracts, litigate defamation, piracy, privacy and intellectual property issues, negotiate on behalf of clients, perform compliance reviews, file motions and help startups…start up.  We’re tech nerds with the legal and business experience you need.

    Internet law Wouldn’t you rather work with an Internet lawyer who knows a thing or two about Battlefield 3 and PHP, rather than a stuffy-suit automaton who will inevitably have to charge you for their own research into all things 21st century? ...
    online privacy laws The Most Highly Evolved Internet Law Firm on the Net For too long, the world of Internet law has been governed by stale practices and outdated thinking, but  that’s about to change. It’s time for an Internet law revolution. It’s ...
    Online Marketing Law In addition to being avid gamers and technology enthusiasts, we’re also lawyers – a credential that comes in handy for Internet start-ups and other businesses with an online presence. We’re on top of the latest government regulations that affect online ...
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Section 230 CDA: ISP Protection For Internet Defamation
Apr 24, 2014
Can a website be held responsible for a defamatory comment posted by a user? The answer in three words is “almost always no.” Thanks to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, website operators and Internet Service Providers are immune ...
“Libel-In-Fiction” Case Over Indie Flick Hits Courthouse
Apr 24, 2014
Lately, Hollywood has been a hotbed of defamation. The latest libel lawsuit conceived in Tinsel Town involves a screenwriter, his ex-paramour and Indie Julianne Moore Vehicle, “What Maisie Knew.” Indie Flick Based On Henry James Novel Results In Libel-In-Fiction Lawsuit ...
Queen of Soul v. Internet Humorists – Satire v. Defamation In The Age Of Memes & Humor Websites
Apr 23, 2014
A doozy of a celebrity defamation lawsuit is taking shape. To be clear, this libel lawsuit will not get far; it will not pass GO, nor will the plaintiff collect any money. But when the Queen of Soul – (Millennial ...
How To Protect Your Business Against Internet Defamation
Apr 21, 2014
The Internet, as the cliché goes, is “a marketplace of ideas” — and there is no shortage of people airing their opinion about this, that or the other. Whether its politics, commerce, last night’s TV show — or even your ...
Not only are we well-versed in the technicalities of Internet law, but as successful affiliate marketers ourselves, we understand the ins-and-outs of how the online business world works — from all angles. We don’t need to look up the difference between blackhat and whitehat, and we actually understand what makes a squeeze page slightly different than a landing page. But more importantly, we don’t need to spend billable hours researching your Internet law issue because we already live online. Here at Kelly / Warner Law, we understand that you and your Internet legal issues are unique. We operate in the Scottsdale, Arizona and provide legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the Valley and greater Phoenix metro area. And while we’re physically located in Arizona, as an Internet law firm, we work with companies and people all over the world. ...