An Internet Lawyer For Today's Digital Marketplace

Internet lawyer Aaron Kelly – with his partners at Kelly / Warner Law – built a legal practice for the 21st century.

It's a firm for online businesses and startups; for Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, and designers.

Aaron and the Kelly / Warner team have years of Internet law experience. They know how to solve ecommerce, marketing, intellectual property, and online reputation legal challenges.

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Internet law attorney for startups

Internet Law Primer For Startups

Startups and businesses with an online presence are required to adhere to various Internet laws. Online marketing, communication and sales are governed by both federal and state laws.

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business, marketing and Internet law Blog

Business, Marketing & Internet Law Blog

One of the best ways to learn about Internet laws is to read up on past cases. Our law blog contains a wealth of information and tips helpful for 21st century businesses.

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Internet law legal practice

Kelly / Warner
Practice Areas

Kelly / Warner is a law firm for entrepreneurs, tech companies, marketers, startups, developers and designers. We also represent individuals who've been defamed online.

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Internet Defamation Law
online defamation law icon

Reputations matter. When someone drags your good name through digital mud, fighting back must be a priority. Our Internet lawyers help true defamation targets restore their good reputations. But remember, a negative opinion doesn't amount to defamation. MORE »

Online Marketing Law
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The Federal Trade Commission sues brands and marketers that use "unfair and deceptive" marketing practices. To avoid censure, make sure you know and follow all the FTC's regulations and guidelines. MORE »

Online Business and Startup Law
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The Internet lawyers at Kelly / Warner work with all types online business owners -- from e-commerce entrepreneurs to developers to "bizopp" proprietors and everything in between.

The Right Internet Lawyer For Online Entrepreneurs

We're passionate about technology, marketing and entrepreneurship, and Internet law. Like you, we're ambitious. We don't want front row seats for the next big thing;
we want to be the next big thing.

We don't rest on our laurels; we're constantly creating ways to work
smarter, harder and more creatively.

Let's get it done.

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