About The Kelly / Warner Internet Law Practice

Internet law attorney
Kelly / Warner was one of the first law firms in the country to concentrate on Internet law issues.

Internet Law Is Our Super-Power

The attorneys at Kelly / Warner aren’t your typical lawyers, and we like it that way. Founded in 2009, our firm is lean and successful, innovative and efficient. As both a law office and a tech-development fan club, we’re quick to embrace new technologies and ideas that help us better represent you.

We’re A Gang of Tech Geeks, Too

We don’t know who decided that lawyers had to be a bunch of self-serving suits who care more about golf handicaps than contract negotiations, but that’s not how we roll. We’re obsessed with winning cases. Your best interests are always priority #1.

Internet, Defamation, Advertising, Affiliate and Mobile Law — We Do It All

mobile law attorney
Kelly / Warner can walk you step-by-step through all your mobile marketing and business law needs.

Thanks to technology advancements, online privacy, data security, advertising, defamation and online laws are changing faster than ever before. Lawyers who can evolve right along with the digital times are in great demand. We are those Internet lawyers who understand the ins and outs of Internet marketing and e-commerce. We speak PHP and we know that SaaS isn’t just something you give your momma.

Technology allows us to communicate with speed and thoroughness, and it has saved our clients thousands in hourly fees, while allowing us to build comprehensive, convincing cases faster.

We Always Go The Extra Mile

Our clients are the heart and soul of the online business industry, and so we stop at nothing to represent your best interests. The way we see it, we’re not successful until you are.

We are unique. We are innovative. We are Kelly / Warner Internet Law.

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