Advertising and Communications Litigation

The more successful an advertising campaign is, the more likely the increased exposure could lead to a lawsuit. And when your marketing is legally challenged, the reputation of your products and services are put on the line. In the wake of a marketing lawsuit, it’s important to find an experienced law firm — like Kelly Warner Law.

We have the resources and knowledge to successfully represent you in advertising litigation lawsuits. We’re always up-to-date on Internet law, marketing and FTC legal precedence.

In many cases, an advertising dispute is best resolved outside of court by an industry self-regulator. These are often less expensive and less formal, and in many cases work faster than the courts. By guiding clients through self-regulatory bodies, The Kelly Law Firm can simplify the process of dealing with advertising and marketing claims.

The Kelly Law Firm also understands that there are often conflicts that result from the overlap of marketing and intellectual property. These can be closely related to social networking sites, keyword advertising, and domain names. With the power to police branding and trademarking issues during application, costly court litigation can be avoided.

A keen understanding of both affiliate marketing and keyword advertising is important for any law firm hoping to protect their modern business clients from marketing and communications litigation. These issues can often become conflated with copyright violation and trademarks. Internet marketing is often surrounded in legal gray areas.

We have the experience necessary to respond properly when government regulatory bodies start getting involved. Sometimes, the inquiries can come from various different bodies all at the same time. Understanding how to speak their language, The Kelly Law Firm has the experience necessary to mitigate legal challenges, and succeed in court if it gets to that point.

Several factors all interplay with one another when it comes to advertising and communications litigation. Privacy, behavioral advertising, trademarks, lead scrubbing and lead shaving all have legal gray areas, especially in the digital realm. In order to defend your company’s name and finances, you need the experience of a qualified law firm. The Kelly Law Firm offers a unique combination of experience. Not only does the firm have extensive knowledge of marketing law, but it features employees who have a great deal of experience with marketing first hand. With an understanding both of the abstract legal definitions that apply to marketing, and the hands-on experience of how it really works, The Kelly Law Firm is a great choice for advertising and communication litigation.