Best State For A Startup? Think Arizona.

best state for startups is ArizonaYou’re doing it. You’re finally moving ahead with your startup. And you may be wondering, “What is the best state for a startup?” Think Arizona.

The #5 Reason Why Arizona Is A Best State For A Startup: The Weather

best state for startup
The weather is always great in Arizona.

Sure, California is known for its warm weather. But the Eureka state doesn’t have a monopoly on sunshine. Arizona is also warm year round. And its pleasant dry-heat — the kind that’s great for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. And for people who don’t have any environment-triggered ailments, the AZ atmosphere is great for general well being — which is why there are so many spas in the state.

The #4 Reason Why Arizona Is A Best State For A Startup: Cheap Travel Launching Pad

best state for startup
Arizona is a great travel launch pad.

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona does have water — and denizens do own boats. It’s not just a desolate expanse of dessert (well, part of it is). And if you simply must dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean, California is close. Better still, Arizona to California plane tickets are cheap, because California works hard to attract weekend tourists from nearby states.

The #3 Reason Why Arizona Is A Best State For A Startup: Great Golfing

best state for a startup: arizona
Even the public gold courses in Arizona are a cut above.

Like California, Arizona is awash with outdoor activities — especially golf. So where would you rather be: a) closing a deal on a choice Arizona golf course (even the public ones are impressive), or b) in budget-crisis California struggling to pay bills?

The #2 Reason Why Why Arizona Is A Best State For A Startup: Cheaper Living

best state for startup arizona
The cost of living in Arizona is much less expensive than other tech centers.

In terms of beauty and amenities, point-for-point, the cost of living in Arizona is less expensive than the cost of living in California. It’s a gorgeous state with dozens of picturesque locales. And most importantly, your dollar will go very far in Arizona.

And the #1 reason Why Arizona Is A Best State For A Startup is….

arizona best startup state
Say what you will about Arizona, but one fact remains: It’s VERY pro-business.

Legislators are SUPER business friendly. Straight up.

Thanks to Arizona’s small-business-friendly tax statutes, instead of seeing your business crumble, you’ll enjoy watching it grow.

Aaron Kelly is a startup lawyer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s a founding partner of Kelly / Warner Law — a boutique legal practice that focuses on defamation, business and Internet law — the perfect firm for a tech startup. Get in touch today if you, too, are thinking that Arizona just may be the best state for a startup. We’ll get you set up.

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