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You've found your way to the original Kelly / Warner Internet law blog. Each month, we review cases of interest to online businesses and entrepreneurs. Sometimes, we dole out legal tips regarding online fraud, unfair competition, startup legalities, marketing, business, intellectual property, and defamation.

Internet law blog: China's new online surveillance law

China’s New Internet Surveillance Law

China has a new Internet surveillance law. Will it affect U.S. businesses?

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Internet law blog: NYC freelance isn't free act

Freelance Isn’t Free Act: A New Type Of Law For The Sharing Economy

New York City implemented a law to protect online freelance workers.

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Internet law blog: international e-commerce theories

International E-commerce: Developing Economies

Online retail industry luminaries gathered to discuss how e-commerce can help developing nations.

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Internet law Blog: Alibaba Counterfeits

Will Alibaba’s Counterfeit Problem Hurt Small Businesses?

A product company sued Alibaba over counterfeits sold on the site.

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Business Law: Zippo intellectual property lawsuit

Case Study: ZIPPO Sued Another Lighter Co.

Zippo sued another company for intellectual property infringements.

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Ecommerce Business: The Times Are A’Changing; What’s Your Plan?

Let’s review two recent and major changes in the online retail business world.

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Dietary Supplement Sales Legal Advice: Prepare For Class Actions

Class action lawsuits are common in the dietary supplement space. Anyone starting a private label supplement company, should read up on avoiding a mass claim.

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A Crash Course In Dietary Supplement Marketing

Dietary supplement businesses do well. But it’s important for such companies to adhere to strict marketing and manufacturing regulations.

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Press Release Defamation: Do I Have A Case?

Quick Question: Can you be sued for publishing a snarky press release? Quick Answer: Yes, “press release defamation” is a real thing — but it wouldn’t be an easy win. In addition to proving falsity, you’d have to convince a judge or jury that the defendants: Bruised your bank account or caused another professional vicissitude. Read More

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Internet law blog: ftc investigations

Avoid Great Sounding Promotional Language That's Sketchy

A mosquito repellent company is out a few hundred thousand dollars. Why? Marketing fines. Ultimately, the Federal Trade Commission feels the company lacked sufficient scientific proof to support structure-function promotional claims. Why should you care about this case? It’s a reminder to stay on the right side of the “substantiation line” when promoting products. The Read More

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Internet law: FTC App

Use The FTC’s Regulations App, Then Get A Marketing Audit

Credit where credit is due, right? We’re unfurling a slow clap for the Federal Trade Commission. Why on earth would we do that? Well, those sometimes mercurial commissioners created a genuinely helpful app! FTC’s New Legal App Tells E-Medical Product Developers & Marketers Which Regulations Apply To assist both developers and marketers of e-medical applications Read More

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Social Media Law: Keep Office Dirt Offline (Or Risk A Lawsuit)!

A few weeks back, Yelp! (“Yelp”) had an online spat with an ex-employee. The incident got messy — and history will probably remember it as a Yelp social media faux pas. But right now, the incident serves as a reminder to startups and businesses: Be careful what you post online about internal events — both Read More

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