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Jumbotron Defamation? Unlikely.

It’s been a few weeks since a funny defamation lawsuit landed in the ole’ inbox. But thanks to a baseball fan in New York, happy days law laughs are here again! A Man Fell Asleep At A Baseball Game; Mocked By Anchors… On April 14, Andrew Robert Recto headed to Yankee Stadium. The Bronx Bombers Read More

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Weekly Celebrity Defamation Rundown: Famous People 2, Newspapers, 0

It’s that time of the week again — where we take a light-hearted look at the celebrity defamation stories that hit headlines over the past seven days. This week, Russell Brand and J.K. Rowling took center celebrity defamation stage — and both walked away with a win!

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Weekly Celebrity Defamation Update: Rhianna, Pebbles & Clemens Up At Bat

It’s time for our weekly celebrity defamation and Internet law update — because celebrities, they’re just like us. This week, we’ve got a bodyguard suing Rhianna, Pebbles suing Viacom and a judge getting frustrated with Roger Clemens and his 5-year-long doping defamation lawsuit against his former trainer. So jump on in and enjoy the celebrity defamation snark for a few minutes.

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Idol Defamation: Who Will Come Out On Top In The Corey Clark v. Viacom/MTV Lawsuit

UPDATE: Welp folks, it looks like the final score is MTV 1, Corey Clark, 0. Viacom emerged victorious in this celebrity defamation lawsuit because the judge ruled that Viacom and its representatives spoke the truth about Clark — and as such an act of defamation was not committed. Remember Corey Clark? Season 2 American Idol Read More

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Eliot Spitzer Faces $90 Million Dollar Online Defamation Lawsuit

Eliot Spitzer has forever been at battle with Wall Street fat cats. Now, two finance guys want big dollars from the ex-Gov for allegedly calling them criminals. Will this finance defamation lawsuit get far? Probably not. Click through to read why.

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Celebrity Defamation Case: Arnold Schwarzenegger Employee V. Gawker

Like a tenacious gnat, the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby-daddy drama won’t go away. One of Schwarzenegger’s former employees, Tammy Tousignant, filed a $10 million defamation claim against several, high-profile media outlets for republishing speculations that she had the Governor’s baby nineteen years ago. And it looks like Tousignant may have a legitimate libel claim. The Celebrity Read More

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Sports Defamation Lawsuit: Clemens Can’t Steal a Break

Another sports defamation scandal slid into the courts. This time, Roger Clemens’ defamation lawsuit is commanding center stage. Back in 2008, Clemens testified under oath at a Congressional hearing; he swore that he didn’t use performance-enhancing drugs during his career. But Roger did insinuate, under oath, that his trainer, Brian McNamee, allegedly messed around with Read More

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