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Press Release Defamation: Do I Have A Case?

Quick Question: Can you be sued for publishing a snarky press release? Quick Answer: Yes, “press release defamation” is a real thing — but it wouldn’t be an easy win. In addition to proving falsity, you’d have to convince a judge or jury that the defendants: Bruised your bank account or caused another professional vicissitude. Read More

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Social Media Law: Keep Office Dirt Offline (Or Risk A Lawsuit)!

A few weeks back, Yelp! (“Yelp”) had an online spat with an ex-employee. The incident got messy — and history will probably remember it as a Yelp social media faux pas. But right now, the incident serves as a reminder to startups and businesses: Be careful what you post online about internal events — both Read More

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Internet Defamation Case Example: The CobbleBot Issue

CobbleBot is a Texas-based 3-D printer company. Recently, it battled a bout of consumer backlash. But was the backlash defamatory?

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BCA v. NBCUniversal: Why Is It An Important Defamation Lawsuit?

A defamation lawsuit involving a brokerage firm and the TV show Dateline could have a more than minor impact on Colorado defamation case law.

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Online Defamation Case Study: Zookeeper v. Yelper

It’s the online defamation case of the animal farm owner verses the animal affairs activist! Steven Vidmar, owner of Friendly Farms – a petting zoo and pony ride animal provider – sued Erika Gannon-Hughes for defamation. Yelp libel, to be precise. He says she knowingly lied about his animal farm in a concerted effort to Read More

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Jumbotron Defamation? Unlikely.

It’s been a few weeks since a funny defamation lawsuit landed in the ole’ inbox. But thanks to a baseball fan in New York, happy days law laughs are here again! A Man Fell Asleep At A Baseball Game; Mocked By Anchors… On April 14, Andrew Robert Recto headed to Yankee Stadium. The Bronx Bombers Read More

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Publication of Private Facts: Explanation For Non-Lawyers

The problem with defamation is that the statement in question must be a false statement of fact.

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Truth and Defamation: Is truth always a defense for defamation in the U.S.?

Will the truth always “set defamation defendants free”? In this post we’ll discuss the history of defamation law and how truth — as a legal concept — has changed over the centuries. Believe it or not, truth is not always a successful defense for defamation; we’ll explain why. If you simply want to speak with a defamation attorney, go here.

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“Libel-In-Fiction” Case Over Indie Flick Hits Courthouse

Lately, Hollywood has been a hotbed of defamation. The latest libel lawsuit conceived in Tinsel Town involves a screenwriter, his ex-paramour and Indie Julianne Moore Vehicle, “What Maisie Knew.” Indie Flick Based On Henry James Novel Results In Libel-In-Fiction Lawsuit In 2012, indie flick “What Maisie Knew” hit theaters. A wrenching tale of separation dynamics, Read More

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Queen of Soul v. Internet Humorists: Satire v. Defamation In The Age Of Memes & Humor Websites

A doozy of a celebrity defamation lawsuit is taking shape. To be clear, this libel lawsuit will not get far; it will not pass GO, nor will the plaintiff collect any money. But when the Queen of Soul – (Millennial Decoder: Aretha Franklin) — drops a $10 million defamation lawsuit against geek-centric satire site The Read More

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Food Libel Update: Pink Slime Case Could Make Waves

The so-called “Pink Slime” defamation lawsuit between ABC and Beef Products Inc. (BPI) is going to last an eternity, y’all. Both sides have lots to gain (and lose) – and both sides have tons of money for food libel litigation purposes. The latest? A North Dakota judge rejected ABC’s motion to dismiss the case and Read More

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Defamation Win! Average Citizen Beats Boston Herald!

Yes, when it comes to slander and libel laws, the United States is, arguably, the most defendant-friendly nation in the world – but that doesn’t mean defamation plaintiffs never win. Just last week, a woman took on the Boston Herald for libel and won! What Sparked The Defamation Lawsuit & Eventual Plaintiff Win? Back in Read More

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