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International E-commerce: Industry Luminaries Share Thoughts At Conference

Online retail industry luminaries gathered to discuss how e-commerce can help developing nations.

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Will Alibaba’s Counterfeit Problem Hurt Small Businesses?

A product company sued Alibaba over counterfeits sold on the site.

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ZIPPO Counterfeits: The Litigious Lighter Company Is Back In Court

Zippo sued another company for intellectual property infringements.

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Ecommerce Business: The Times Are A’Changing; What’s Your Plan?

Let’s review two recent and major changes in the online retail business world.

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Dietary Supplement Sales Legal Advice: Prepare For Class Actions

Class action lawsuits are common in the dietary supplement space. Anyone starting a private label supplement company, should read up on avoiding a mass claim.

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A Crash Course In Dietary Supplement Marketing

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably have questions about dietary supplement marketing. And so, for you, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs. (If you don’t find your question listed below, get in touch.) What Is The FTC And Why Should Dietary Supplement Sellers Care About It? The Federal Trade Commission is a quasi-government Read More

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Use The FTC’s Regulations App, Then Get A Marketing Audit

Credit where credit is due, right? We’re unfurling a slow clap for the Federal Trade Commission. Why on earth would we do that? Well, those sometimes mercurial commissioners created a genuinely helpful app! FTC’s New Legal App Tells E-Medical Product Developers & Marketers Which Regulations Apply To assist both developers and marketers of e-medical applications Read More

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Pay By Selfie Arms Race: Pulls Ahead?

Amazon Filed For A Coveted Patent; What Does It Mean For Consumers & Sellers? What’s the next big e-commerce thing? Pay by selfie — and Amazon recently filed a patent application for the process. Analysts speculate that the company will pair the facial recognition system with a payment authentication method it also owns. By simplifying Read More

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FBA Buzz: Is The Amazon Marketing App Meant To Fend Off Walmart?

Right now, is a Wall Street darling. Despite a recent stock dip, its numbers bewitch investors; the offerings delight disposable-income-America; and, in semi-Shaolin fashion, Amazon has studiously molded itself into a Jedi master (if not the Kylo Ren) of supply chain logistics. The profitable cherry on top? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – a program Read More

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