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Avoid Marketing Language That Sounds Great, But Lacks Proof!

A mosquito repellent company is out a few hundred thousand dollars. Why? Marketing fines. Ultimately, the Federal Trade Commission feels the company lacked sufficient scientific proof to support structure-function promotional claims. Why should you care about this case? It’s a reminder to stay on the right side of the “substantiation line” when promoting products. The Read More

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Use The FTC’s Regulations App, Then Get A Marketing Audit

Credit where credit is due, right? We’re unfurling a slow clap for the Federal Trade Commission. Why on earth would we do that? Well, those sometimes mercurial commissioners created a genuinely helpful app! FTC’s New Legal App Tells E-Medical Product Developers & Marketers Which Regulations Apply To assist both developers and marketers of e-medical applications Read More

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COPPA Lawyers Explains 2016 Imaging Technology Update

Imaging technology is now an allowable method of parental consent under COPPA.

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Ashkan Soltani: The FTC’s New Online Privacy Guru and CTO

The FTC has a new CTO — one with impressive industry credentials. His name is Ashkan Soltani, and he knows a lot about online privacy. Will his hire affect the industry in a dramatic way?

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FTC Marketing Law News – Unsubstantiated Claims & Video Games

The Federal Trade Commission made a video game. It’s goal is to entertain while teaching people about the finer points of weight loss marketing regulations. Corny or fun? You decide.

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FTC Puffery Defined: The Last Stop Before False Advertising

What is puffery? Is it legal? Is it considered false advertising? We’ll break down the basics of what the Federal Trade Commission calls “marketing puffery” in this blog post.

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COPPA Update: Cleaner Language & Safe Harbor Programs

The FTC updated COPPA rules. In this post, we summarize the latest changes. Bullet-points, for quick and easy reading.

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The Week in FTC Online Business News: Spammers, Big Data & Borders

Every week we do a summary of the most important online business news coming out of camp FTC. This installment spans August 8, 2014 – August 22, 2014.

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The Week In FTC Online Marketing News

Every Sunday, we summarize the latest FTC marketing law happenings. This week features an SMS scam gone wrong, a work-at-home operation that got caught fibbing about its finances, plus two more Dot Com Disclosure busts.

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Nine Things Every Online Business Should Know About The FTC

Do you know the Federal Trade Commission’s rules about online marketing? Every businessperson who advertises digitally, online and via mobile programs should know these 9 FTC marketing regulations. Knowing them could save you a lot of headaches and money.

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FTC Compliance Guidelines For Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

Curious about the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for bloggers and affiliates who engage in online marketing? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve prepared an online marketing primer that will get you started with your online marketing compliance efforts. Click through to get the goods.

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COPPA Update: Schools Must Ensure Consent Methods Are Up-To-Date

The FTC updated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act again. The issue: School consent guidelines and clarifications.

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