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Freelance Isn’t Free Act: A New Type Of Law For The Sharing Economy

New York City implemented a law to protect online freelance workers.

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COPPA Lawyers Explains 2016 Imaging Technology Update

Imaging technology is now an allowable method of parental consent under COPPA.

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European Commission Hyperlink Controversy

By now, you’ve probably heard the hype: “The European Commission [EC] is about to ruin the Internet by making people pay for hyperlinks!” But you can relax. Per usual, the cautionary bark is likely more threatening than the potential, actual bite. Despite the headlines, the chance of European officials turning links into toll booths are Read More

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Online News Aggregation: Is It On Its Way Out?

Will it soon be illegal to aggregate news links? Some people think so – including Matt Drudge – founder of the right-wing news site, Are We Headed For a “Content Net Neutrality” Battle? For years, citizens, politicians and businesses have deliberated the pros and cons of so-called “net neutrality.” The main debate: Is it Read More

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COPPA Update: Cleaner Language & Safe Harbor Programs

The FTC updated COPPA rules. In this post, we summarize the latest changes. Bullet-points, for quick and easy reading.

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Nine Things Every Online Business Should Know About The FTC

Do you know the Federal Trade Commission’s rules about online marketing? Every businessperson who advertises digitally, online and via mobile programs should know these 9 FTC marketing regulations. Knowing them could save you a lot of headaches and money.

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FTC Compliance Guidelines For Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

Curious about the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for bloggers and affiliates who engage in online marketing? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve prepared an online marketing primer that will get you started with your online marketing compliance efforts. Click through to get the goods.

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Big False Advertising Law News: SCOTUS Changes The Rules

Bluntly speaking, the U.S. Supreme Court usually picks lawsuits that dwell at the intersection of “American Morals Avenue” and “Dispassionate Law Lane,” leaving the quasi-wonkish definitional deliberations to the appellate circuit. But not this time. Lexmark v. Static Control: Why It Matters In The World Of False Advertising Law Recently, the highest court in the Read More

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Is Section 230 of the CDA Done? Summary Of The Sarah Jones v. Dirty World Amicus Briefs

Out of all the Internet laws, which is the most important? Many folks may give Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) top honors. Some people have even speculated that Section 230 of the CDA is primarily responsible for turning the Internet into a thriving bazaar of business and innovation. What Does Section 230 Read More

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2013 Dot Com Disclosures: Explained By Lawyer

Below is an in-depth review of the March 2013 Dot Com Disclosures update. Fair Warning: It is the opposite of short. We’ve done our best to use descriptive headlines to break the monotony and hopefully allow for easier navigation. If you need to speak with an attorney who deals with FTC and online advertising issues, Read More

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Mobile Marketing Alert: New Android App May Be A Thorn In Marketers Sides

Attention Mobile Marketers: A new Android app called PrivacyStar alerts the Federal Trade Commission of questionable “text-vertising” campaigns. Yep, you read that right: the small but powerful program allows users to file a formal FTC complaint with the tap of a finger. So, if texting is one of your current mobile marketing methods, be aware Read More

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Daily Internet Law News Brief: Patents, COPPA & Netflix

Ready for today’s Internet law news. Let’s get to it without further ado. New Internet Law Bill Passed In House The so-called “Netflix Bill” passed in the House of Representatives, which means the government is one step closer to changing provisions in the Video Privacy Protection Act. The proposed changes will make it easier for Read More

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