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Internet Defamation Case Example: The CobbleBot Issue

CobbleBot is a Texas-based 3-D printer company. Recently, it battled a bout of consumer backlash. But was the backlash defamatory?

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Section 230 CDA: ISP Protection For Internet Defamation

Can a website be held responsible for a defamatory comment posted by a user? In most cases, the answer is “no.” Why? Because of Section 230 CDA. Thanks to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, website operators and Internet Service Providers are immune from liability if someone posts a defamatory statement on an online Read More

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Queen of Soul v. Internet Humorists: Satire v. Defamation In The Age Of Memes & Humor Websites

A doozy of a celebrity defamation lawsuit is taking shape. To be clear, this libel lawsuit will not get far; it will not pass GO, nor will the plaintiff collect any money. But when the Queen of Soul – (Millennial Decoder: Aretha Franklin) — drops a $10 million defamation lawsuit against geek-centric satire site The Read More

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Case Study: Online Defamation and Copyright Infringement In One Lawsuit

California lawyer Dionne Choyce wants a community watchdog group to pay for allegedly defaming him and his practice – but the court isn’t making things easy for him. In a recent ruling, Judge Jon Tigar shot-down several of Choyce’s motions – but not all. A suit dealing with both online copyright infringement and defamation, Dionne Read More

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Business v. Customer Defamation: The Case of the Wigmaker

Cheryl Sanders’ didn’t want a cookie-cutter wig. Oh no, no! She wanted a custom-made coif. So when a non-bespoke hairpiece showed up at her house, Sanders told FedEx to return the wig to sender. FedEx tried, but the sender refused it. [Freeze Frame] If this were a Friday night real-life crime show, a dapper reporter Read More

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In 2009, an anonymous “source” posted scandalous stories about then Bengals cheerleader, Sarah Jones, on controversial website The Dirty ( Outraged, she sued the site for defamation. In 2010, Sarah Jones (also a high school teacher) got caught knocking boots with a 17-year-old student. So, the state sued her for “sex abuse.” Now in 2013, Read More

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Electric Car Defamation Battle: GreenTech v.

GreenTech Automotive, a North Mississippi electric car maker, is suing for cyberlibel. The car maker wants a cool $85 million because of two articles the advocacy group published online. Green Tech manufactures MyCars — small electric vehicles. The newish e-car company has plans to make full-size cars at a plant in Tunica, Mississippi. Per Read More

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Serving An International Defamation Subpoena

International Defamation Subpoenas & Cross-Border Due Process What happens when a person who has defamed you lives in another country? Can you still sue him or her for libel or slander? How can a subpoena be issued abroad? Will the person who harmed you be subject to an American court’s judgment if he or she Read More

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Suing A Psychic For Defamation? You Bet’cha!

The Dallas Observer calls the case the “single greatest lawsuit ever to be filed in Dallas County” – and they’re not exaggerating. After all, It’s rare that a suit involving a 46-year-old grandmother psychic, real name Presley, who sometimes goes by “Angel” or “Rhonda,” comes along. Brass tax: the psychic is being sued for defamation, Read More

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Can I Sue Someone Over A Bad Review on Yelp!?

Homeowner v. Contractor is a tale as old as time. Books have been written and movies made about the battles between people who build homes and the people who live in them. So, as you might imagine, home development lawsuits are a dime a dozen. One such case is currently being heard in Virginia. Contractor Read More

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SPEECH ACT: Can U.S. Citizens Be Sued If They Tweeted About The Lord McAlpine Scandal?

An accusation of a former orphan has resulted in the resignation of George Entwistle, former general director of the BBC, and high-dollar defamation legal settlements for the maligned. According to reports, more suits related to incident are still on the way. The McAlpine Scandal Explained – Cliff’s Note Style The melee began when a man Read More

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The Question Of Defamation Negligence

Blogger Crystal Cox has been battling a serious online defamation lawsuit for over a year. In short, her case involves derogatory statements about Obsidian Finance and one of the company’s executives, Kevin Padrick, whom she called “a theif and a thug” on her blog. After losing at trial, Cox was ordered to pay millions. She Read More

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