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Use The FTC’s Regulations App, Then Get A Marketing Audit

Credit where credit is due, right? We’re unfurling a slow clap for the Federal Trade Commission. Why on earth would we do that? Well, those sometimes mercurial commissioners created a genuinely helpful app! FTC’s New Legal App Tells E-Medical Product Developers & Marketers Which Regulations Apply To assist both developers and marketers of e-medical applications Read More

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Social Media Law: Keep Office Dirt Offline (Or Risk A Lawsuit)!

A few weeks back, Yelp! (“Yelp”) had an online spat with an ex-employee. The incident got messy — and history will probably remember it as a Yelp social media faux pas. But right now, the incident serves as a reminder to startups and businesses: Be careful what you post online about internal events — both Read More

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Pay By Selfie Arms Race: Pulls Ahead?

Amazon Filed For A Coveted Patent; What Does It Mean For Consumers & Sellers? What’s the next big e-commerce thing? Pay by selfie — and Amazon recently filed a patent application for the process. Analysts speculate that the company will pair the facial recognition system with a payment authentication method it also owns. By simplifying Read More

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FBA Buzz: Is The Amazon Marketing App Meant To Fend Off Walmart?

Right now, is a Wall Street darling. Despite a recent stock dip, its numbers bewitch investors; the offerings delight disposable-income-America; and, in semi-Shaolin fashion, Amazon has studiously molded itself into a Jedi master (if not the Kylo Ren) of supply chain logistics. The profitable cherry on top? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – a program Read More

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COPPA Lawyers Explains 2016 Imaging Technology Update

Imaging technology is now an allowable method of parental consent under COPPA.

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Can You Successfully Sue Over A Meme?

Opining about online harassment is the new black. Media outlets – from the respectable to the tawdry – have rhapsodized about cyberbullying’s effect on society, and part of the conversation has focused on a 21st-century phenomenon – “the graphic meme.” Some folks say memes are a matter of free speech; other people believe they’re noxious Read More

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Online News Aggregation: Is It On Its Way Out?

Will it soon be illegal to aggregate news links? Some people think so – including Matt Drudge – founder of the right-wing news site, Are We Headed For a “Content Net Neutrality” Battle? For years, citizens, politicians and businesses have deliberated the pros and cons of so-called “net neutrality.” The main debate: Is it Read More

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Can Someone Else use my name in their Google Adwords Campaign?

“Can someone use my name – or my company’s name – in their Adwords campaign?” As a firm that focuses on Internet law issues, we hear that question – a lot. And some folks are surprised to learn that, on occasion, the answer is: “Maybe.” After all, as they say: Alls A whole lot is Read More

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Online Copyright Showdown: The Google MPAA Feud

What is the deal with the Google MPAA feud anyway? Why are the two parties always fighting and lobbing barely veiled criticisms? And why did Google just sue the state of Mississippi because of the MPAA?

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COPPA Update: Cleaner Language & Safe Harbor Programs

The FTC updated COPPA rules. In this post, we summarize the latest changes. Bullet-points, for quick and easy reading.

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I Can’t Afford A Lawsuit. (Not So Fast! Maybe You Can.)

I can’t afford a lawyer!Maybe you can – with a little help from your “Internet friends.”Take Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, for example. A Singaporean blogger, Ling landed on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s naughty-list for accusing the big wig of “criminal misappropriation of public funds” and is now facing a defamation lawsuit.So, where does a Read More

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Arizona Revenge Porn Bill Aims High, Deemed Flaccid by Law Expert

In an attempt to quell revenge porn, The Arizona legislator has proposed a new law — House Bill 2515. The bipartisan bill aims to make illegal to “knowingly disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise, or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording or other reproduction of another person in a state of nudity or engaged Read More

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