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International E-commerce: Industry Luminaries Share Thoughts At Conference

Online retail industry luminaries gathered to discuss how e-commerce can help developing nations.

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European Commission Hyperlink Controversy

By now, you’ve probably heard the hype: “The European Commission [EC] is about to ruin the Internet by making people pay for hyperlinks!” But you can relax. Per usual, the cautionary bark is likely more threatening than the potential, actual bite. Despite the headlines, the chance of European officials turning links into toll booths are Read More

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COPPA Update: Cleaner Language & Safe Harbor Programs

The FTC updated COPPA rules. In this post, we summarize the latest changes. Bullet-points, for quick and easy reading.

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Google Escapes European Online Privacy Law Blow

It looks like Google escaped the legal guillotine in Europe. Recently, an EU judicial official sided with the tech behemoth with regards to personal data in Google’s index. That said, the announcement made clear that U.S.-based businesses with an online presence are bound to stricter EU Internet privacy standards. For years, Google has been fighting Read More

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What Do I Do: International Stalker Is Defamaing Me Online & Won’t Stop!

“Fatal Attraction” dramatized the pre-Internet perils of an obsessed ex-lover — and a recent case out of Vancouver crystallizes the dangers of a Digital Age stalker. A Canadian teacher is embroiled in a scary international stalking situation. His lover-turned-stalker is hiding from authorities in real life, but  is ever-present online — where she perpetually bad-mouths Read More

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Serving An International Defamation Subpoena

International Defamation Subpoenas & Cross-Border Due Process What happens when a person who has defamed you lives in another country? Can you still sue him or her for libel or slander? How can a subpoena be issued abroad? Will the person who harmed you be subject to an American court’s judgment if he or she Read More

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AP v. Meltwater News: Summary & Questions

Meltwater News – a San Francisco “commercial media-monitoring service” – hasn’t had much luck in the court room lately. First, they tussled with the UK’s National Licensing Agency and came out bruised. Then, a New York District Court judge ruled against the news clipping service in favor of the Associated Press. While not as widely Read More

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Daily Internet Law News Brief: FTC, Facebook, IBM & Instagram

Facebook to Germany: “Leggo Our Legal Rights!” Lawmakers in a German state aren’t pleased with Facebook’s “no fake name” stance, so they’re demanding that the social networking company change their policies. The Facebook terms of service stipulates that users must use their government name; in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, however, the law books say that Read More

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SPEECH ACT: Can U.S. Citizens Be Sued If They Tweeted About The Lord McAlpine Scandal?

An accusation of a former orphan has resulted in the resignation of George Entwistle, former general director of the BBC, and high-dollar defamation legal settlements for the maligned. According to reports, more suits related to incident are still on the way. The McAlpine Scandal Explained – Cliff’s Note Style The melee began when a man Read More

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Libya Loses Cybersquatting Lawsuit

The country of Libya lost a cybersquatting lawsuit against Ahmad Miski. In November 2006, the Embassy of Libya filed a lawsuit with the United States District Court against Ahmad Miski for online trademark violations. Their position was that Miski violated the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act when he created a series of domain names, including, Read More

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Legal Advice For Tech Startups: A Quick Guide

You’re starting a startup and need to know the applicable laws. Well, you’re in luck, because this is a quick legal guide to launching a tech startup. While it’s always a good idea to speak with a startup law attorney before launching, this advice for tech startups should set you down the right legal path. Read More

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Meet The Pirates Of Germany

At turns, they’ve been called the “protest party of the moment” and members have been known to make questionable haberdashery choices. For all intent and purpose they’re like a political band of gypisies – independent and prone to eccentricities. Nope, I’m not talking about the Tea Party, but instead the Pirates of Germany. A political Read More

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