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Social Media Law: Keep Office Dirt Offline (Or Risk A Lawsuit)!

A few weeks back, Yelp! (“Yelp”) had an online spat with an ex-employee. The incident got messy — and history will probably remember it as a Yelp social media faux pas. But right now, the incident serves as a reminder to startups and businesses: Be careful what you post online about internal events — both Read More

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Pay By Selfie Arms Race: Pulls Ahead?

Amazon Filed For A Coveted Patent; What Does It Mean For Consumers & Sellers? What’s the next big e-commerce thing? Pay by selfie — and Amazon recently filed a patent application for the process. Analysts speculate that the company will pair the facial recognition system with a payment authentication method it also owns. By simplifying Read More

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COPPA Update: Cleaner Language & Safe Harbor Programs

The FTC updated COPPA rules. In this post, we summarize the latest changes. Bullet-points, for quick and easy reading.

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COPPA Update: Schools Must Ensure Consent Methods Are Up-To-Date

The FTC updated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act again. The issue: School consent guidelines and clarifications.

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COPPA Parental Consent: A 101 Legal Guide

COPPA changes every few years. Let’s do a recap of the current rules.

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Whatch’You Talkin’Bout Facebook?

While Facebook has made efforts, the social media giant isn’t exactly concerned with online privacy. Bottom line: advertising is the company’s cash cow — and effective advertising involves pinpointing consumers’ personal interests, and then offering up relevant ads. So how does one go about deciphering consumers’ desires? Why by keeping track of their online activity, Read More

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Sextortion 101: A Legal Primer

First, revenge porn hit the scene. Now, sextortion is also on the stroll. “Sextortion,” you ask? A hybrid crime of extortion and hacking, sextortionists use malware to gain control of web cams, and then take nude pictures and videos of victim’s without their knowledge or consent. After that, the perpetrator usually contacts the victim and Read More

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Google Privacy Updates 2013: The Basics

What is the New Google Privacy Policy? October 11, 2013, Google unveiled their new privacy policy, which now has a feature called “Shared Endorsements” that states Google has permission to leverage users’ social activity to enhance online ads. Google’s new policy means it can use names and profile pictures in ads throughout its vast empire. Read More

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Server at Arizona University Hacked

Details of the breech are still pending, so this will be short, but according to reports, hackers found their way into a server at the University of Arizona. Apparently, 9,000 alumni and applicant records were compromised. Hacked In July It all happened back in July and the school is just now going public. That said, Read More

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New California Online Privacy Laws: Everyone Should Comply, Everywhere

For years, a lot of lip-service has been given to online privacy. Lawmakers have tried and failed to pass a universal online privacy bill; consumer watchdog organizations have highlighted why giant Internet companies, like Facebook and Google, aren’t actually that into privacy; interested parties released studies suggesting that Americans enjoy very little, if any, online Read More

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Did It Just Get Easier To Sue Over Online Gossip?

A North Carolina judge recently ruled that Gawker Media did not have the right to publish a story about a graduating high school student who allegedly “flashed” the audience at her school’s commencement ceremony. The case could significantly affect cyber libel law, as the judge took a firm stand on what topics constitute “public concern.” Read More

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Google Escapes European Online Privacy Law Blow

It looks like Google escaped the legal guillotine in Europe. Recently, an EU judicial official sided with the tech behemoth with regards to personal data in Google’s index. That said, the announcement made clear that U.S.-based businesses with an online presence are bound to stricter EU Internet privacy standards. For years, Google has been fighting Read More

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