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Business v. Customer Defamation: The Case of the Wigmaker

Cheryl Sanders’ didn’t want a cookie-cutter wig. Oh no, no! She wanted a custom-made coif. So when a non-bespoke hairpiece showed up at her house, Sanders told FedEx to return the wig to sender. FedEx tried, but the sender refused it. [Freeze Frame] If this were a Friday night real-life crime show, a dapper reporter Read More

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Getting RipOffReport Results Removed from Google

Got a Ripoff Report defamation problem? This primer breaks down the basic legalities of Internet defamation, specifically as it relates to online review websites. If you’ve been maligned online and you’re ready to take action, go here. If you just want a basic overview of Ripoff Report defamation, keep reading. Section 230 of the Communications Read More

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RipOff Report Is Gone, Baby, Gone! DeIndexed From Google!

UPDATE:  Ripoff Report may have shot themselves in the foot. Early reports indicate that the request for removal came from’s Google webmaster tools account. So now the question is: was this a hacking incident or just a stupid mistake? Consumer Review Site Deindexed From Google! Small Business Owners Rejoice. As of 5:00pm (EST), Tuesday, Read More

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Google De-Indexing Case: Ripoff Report

Google de-indexed Ripoff Report in 2011. SMBs were cheering. But it was all a mistake.

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