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Business v. Customer Defamation: The Case of the Wigmaker

Cheryl Sanders’ didn’t want a cookie-cutter wig. Oh no, no! She wanted a custom-made coif. So when a non-bespoke hairpiece showed up at her house, Sanders told FedEx to return the wig to sender. FedEx tried, but the sender refused it. [Freeze Frame] If this were a Friday night real-life crime show, a dapper reporter Read More

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Getting Ripoff Report Results Removed from Google

What should you do if you’re defamed on Ripoff Report.

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RipOff Report Is Gone, Baby, Gone! DeIndexed From Google!

In 2011, Ripoff Report briefly got de-indexed from Google. This is the story.

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Google De-Indexing Case: Ripoff Report

Google de-indexed Ripoff Report in 2011. SMBs were cheering. But it was all a mistake.

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