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Will China’s New Internet Surveillance Law Affect U.S. Companies?

China has a new Internet surveillance law. Will it affect U.S. businesses?

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Defamation Lawsuit: Chef Ramsay vs. Restaurateur Lavy

Defamation lawsuit alert! Reality chef extraordinaire, Gordon Ramsey, is once again embroiled in a legal fracas. Unlike the lawsuit he recently settled — and ponied up $83,000 for — this time “Chef” is the one doing the suing. What’s got him hotter than a brick oven? Allegedly defamatory statements made by one of his Montreal-based Read More

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Consumer Watchdog to FTC: Put a Leash on Google!

Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit consumer advocate organization, recently censured Google. The accusation? Google has been “playing fast and loose” with Safari users’ data. What Is The Consumer Watchdog Group Founded in 1985, Consumer Watchdog has a long history of dealing with consumer health care advocacy, energy and taxpayer rights. The group is also involved in Read More

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