Celebrity Defamation Case: Cruise v. Bauer

You undoubtedly heard by now: Tom Cruise’s celebrity defamation lawsuit against Bauer Publishing is causing the star some major flack. At this point, the peanut gallery is screaming: “He shouldn’t have sued! This defamation lawsuit is only making him look worse!”

Celebrity Defamation Case Hits The Headlines: Tom Cruise After Bauer For Libel

Remember when Tom Cruise sued Bauer Publishing, the gossip-mongers behind Life & Style and In Touch magazines? You might not; it happened a while ago. To refresh your memory, Cruise sued the media conglomerate over a pair of articles about him and his daughter, Suri, which featured variations of the word “abandoned” in each headline.

Lawyers Litigation Lasts A Long A$$ Time, Thanks To Celebrity Nature

Regardless of your memory of the case, suffice it to say that lawyers are still slogging away, and newly leaked documents are making the online rounds. The latest: Cruise avers he did not “cut Suri out of [his] life – whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise.” He also contends that he spoke to his daughter nearly every day during the period in question, in addition to getting frequent updates from her caretakers and mother.

Leaked Libel Deposition Raises Eyebrows & Once Again Shines Xenu-Loving Spotlight On Cruise

He also made some vague but unfortunate comparisons between acting and soldiering in Afghanistan. Oh, and he and his legal crew are making vague (and side-eye inviting) correlations between Holocaust victims and Scientologists. So what has this war against gossips done for Cruise’s public image? People are starting to remember why they fell out of favor with the Xenu-believing actor in 2005.

An interesting facet of this celebrity defamation suit is that Bauer is not backing down. In fact, the gossip mother-ship handed over documentation that supposedly proved a confidential source spilled the beans on Cruise — but the documents don’t exactly make the magazine look good. Make no mistake, the lawsuit has made bare the tenuous nature of celebrity gossip. That said, the publishers decided to risk their own humiliation just to go head-to-head with one of the more notoriously litigious public figures in the world.

But Bert Fields is on the case! Super powers, activate!

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out. I thought it would have been settled by now. But the fact that it has not means lots of juicy celebrity defamation gossip is ahead!

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