Weekly Celebrity Defamation Update: Rhianna, Pebbles & Clemens Up At Bat

Celebrity Defamation Lawsuits
This week in our celebrity defamation and Internet law rundown, we’ve got a bodyguard’s libel suit against a hip-hop princess, a slander claim involving a made-for-TV biopic and a delay of trial feud between a feisty Brooklyn judge and an ex-ballplayer. Shall we?

“Nauseatingly Offensive,” Says Bodyguard In Celebrity Defamation Suit

Geoffrey Keating – a resident of Ireland and former head of security for Rhianna’s 2013 world tour — is suing the singer for e-mail defamation.

He filed papers in Ireland to get the ball rolling, but since he is currently just seeking permission to pursue an international lawsuit, he didn’t have to divulge details in his initial motion. In fact, all it said — in terms of accusations — was that Rhianna sent an email to him and his wife that included “nauseatingly offensive” libel. According to Keating, Rhianna supposedly followed the e-mail up with an equally slanderous phone call.

We’ll have to wait to see if – and where – this international celebrity defamation showdown will go down. Watch this space for updates. To do that, throw your e-mail on our newsletter list.

Crazy, Sexy Cool Leads To A Slander Lawsuit

Am I the only one? I’m the only one that remembers Pebbles – aren’t I? No, no – not the Flintstone girl; the other Pebbles. The 90s R&B chanteuse, Pebbles Reid; ex-wife of Za-jillionaire music producer L.A. Reid, and singer of a song about a girl who drives a Mercedes Benz? (Aaron Edit: NO, I did not write this. Our firm blogger did. She is a She who had questionable music taste as a teenager. Carry on.)

Anyway, Pebbles is going after VH1 and the music channel’s parent company, Viacom, over the TLC biopic, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The Story of TLC.

In the made-for-TV movie, the producers portrayed Perri “Pebbles” Reid as the Leona Helmsley of the music industry – a ruthless, greedy ball-buster who was eager to exploit innocent ingénues in exchange for massive piles of cash-money. Reid says her portrayal in the movie was a steaming pile of non-truthy nonsense and that she was as ethical as Honest Abe in her dealings with the anti-waterfall-chasing trio.

Pebbles swears the movie – not the 21st century — shattered her career. So, she’s looking for a cool $40 million from Viacom in compensation.

Brooklyn Judge To Roger Clemens: “Cut The Litigation Delay Shenanigans!”

Roger Clemens better get his act together in his defamation battle against former trainer Brian McNamee. If he doesn’t, U.S. District Court Judge Sterling Johnson may pelt the former Yankee with a financial curve ball for wasting the court’s damn time!

The elevator-pitch version of Clemens’ defamation suit:

  1. Clemens was named in the 2007 Mitchell Report for being a Lance Armstrong.
  2. Clemens was eventually acquitted on related doping and false testimony charges.
  3. Clemens decided to sue his former trainer who was quoted in reports as saying that Clemens was a doper.

The subsequent celebrity defamation lawsuit has lasted 5 long years. And according to the judge, that’s largely Plaintiff Clemens’ fault. Apparently, the old pro doesn’t want to hand over 900 emails requested by the defense. The thing is, his obsessive protection of these files is, well, kind of making it look like there are some truth nuggets in those emails, which can bolster McNamee’s claims that Clemens should be walking around with a scarlet D on his chest.

In his censure of Clemens, Sterling called the suit “hopelessly stalled” and reminded that:”The public, too, suffers when litigation proceeds in this fashion.”

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