Courtney Love’s Twitter Defamation Lawsuit Blows Up; Frances Bean Subpoenaed

courtney love defamation
Courtney Love is once again being sued for online defamation. And Twitter is once again her medium of choice. Image source: Wikipedia/Robert Castro

Courtney Love can’t quit Twitter — and as a result, the chaos creator has once again found herself at the center of a Twitter defamation lawsuit. This time around, Love is being sued by her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes – and Holmes is trying to drag Frances Bean Cobain, 19, into the fracas.

A Brief History Of Courtney Love’s Twitter Defamation Woes

You’d think Love would’ve learned her lesson by now, especially since last year Courtney was forced to pay nearly half a million dollars to designer Dawn Simorangkir for tweeting that the up-and-coming stylist was a “drug-dealing madame who lost her kids over an assault and battery incident.

The suit filed by Simorangkir was expected to be the first high-profile Twitter defamation lawsuit heard by a jury, but the parties settled our of court in the eleventh hour.  Simorangkir emerged victorious and Love agreed to pay $430,000 over three years.

Courtney’s Lawyers Seek Serenity By Firing Love As A Client

Even though the Twitter battle with Simorangkir is settled, Courtney Love still has a Twitter defamation lawsuit looming. The second online libel case has to do with a 2010 interview that Love gave to a website.

While chatting with a reporter, Love accused lawyer Holmes (who was helping Courtney with some estate issues) of “disappearing” in the middle of a lawsuit and insinuated conspiratorial activity. “I’ve been hiring and firing lawyers to help me with this,” Love began. Courtney then went on to explain her belief that Holmes had stopped returning calls since “they got to her.” Love insisted in public that Holmes “disappeared.”

Nailing her own coffin, after the interview Love tweeted, “I was f—ing devastated (sic) when Rhonda J Holmes Esq. of San Diego was bought off.”

Holmes, however, tells a different story. According to the attorney, Love allegedly became enraged when Holmes explained she would not continue representing the rocker unless Love refrained from “any and all substance abuse.” Unwilling to abide by this request, Holmes claims Love fired her, but then flip-flopped and asked the attorney to handle the case once again. Holmes insists that she denied Love’s request to be re-established as a client. When Love took her conspiracy disappearing story to the press and Twitter, Holmes decided enough was enough and filed claim alleging libel, false light, invasion of privacy and intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage.

To make matters more complicated, Pryor Cashman – the lawyer representing Love in the defamation lawsuit against Holmes – says there has been a “complete breakdown” in client communications. To put it simply, reports indicate that Cashman hasn’t seen much in the way of payment, nor has he heard a word from his client. As such, it’s likely he’s looking to be dismissed from the case. If he succeeds, Courtney may have to represent herself.

Courting Frances Bean Cobain…For A Defamation Subpoena

Courtney is not the only Cobain entangled in this Twitter defamation case. Frances Bean – the now emancipated daughter of Courtney and Kurt – has also been subpoenaed. Why subpoena Frances Bean? It probably has to do with a tweet she sent out after Courtney publicaly accused Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl, of coming on to her daughter. At the time, in defense of Dave, Frances made a public statement urging Twitter to ban her mother from the platform.

When it comes to Holmes’ Twitter defamation suit, however, France Bean doesn’t want to get involved. Bryan Freedman (who was also Dawn Simorangkir’s lawyer) has moved to have the subpoena quashed on the grounds that any information Cobain would be able to give would prove to be “inadmissible and non-discoverable character evidence regarding love.”

After all, Cobain, at the time of the incident, was living with her grandmother and aunt and was not in contact with her mother in any capacity. In other words, it’s fair to infer that Frances doesn’t want anything to do with her mother. (A probability that may be driving Courtney Love to the brink, since 19-year-old Frances was legally granted control over Nirvana’s publicity rights in 2009.)

What do you think? Will Hole rocker, Love, manage to extradite herself from this twitter defamation lawsuit? Or will this finally be the first high-profile celebrity Twitter defamation lawsuit to make it to a jury?

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