Daily Internet Law News Brief: Patents, COPPA & Netflix

Ready for today’s Internet law news. Let’s get to it without further ado.

New Internet Law Bill Passed In House

The so-called “Netflix Bill” passed in the House of Representatives, which means the government is one step closer to changing provisions in the Video Privacy Protection Act. The proposed changes will make it easier for people – and let’s face it, social networking sites — to share video viewing histories. Like all political moves, this one has its detractors. Most notably, those who feel the e-mail privacy amendment to the Electronics Communications Privacy Act should also be changed at the same time aren’t thrilled.

Technology Intellectual Property News: Patent Talk

Interested in software patent issues? Jason Mick published a commentary on the nature of UI patents and how they could negatively affect the tech industry. Anyone who keeps abreast of intellectual property law should take the time to check it out.

In other IP-related news, Torrentfreak.com had an interesting article about a copyright troll company who is looking to patent an anti-piracy process. Basically, it’s a system that is able to sniff our illegal downloading and prompts users the ability to pay for the material on the spot. The system has other features and could significantly change the nature of anti-piracy efforts. And as TorrentFreak put it: the process may actually be a case of copyright trolls, trolling other copyright trolls.

Internet Law Update: FTC Makes COPPA Changes Official

As expected, the Federal Trade Commission announced today that the new Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act rules – which tighten online privacy rules for app developers, website operators and third-party advertisers – are in effect. Click here to catch up on the new COPPA standards.

Public Relations Plunder: Instagram

Instagram’s privacy policy snafu continued to make news today. Pundits are coming out of the digital forest to espouse their feelings about the popular social media company’s mess up.

Internet Law News Is Goin’ Fishing For Two Weeks

Well friends, the holiday season is officially upon us. News is slowing ever so slightly as many retreat to spend time with their families and friends. As such, we’ll be haulting publication of our daily news briefs until January 3, 2013! See ya then!

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