Daily Internet Law News Brief: FTC, Facebook, IBM & Instagram

Facebook to Germany: “Leggo Our Legal Rights!”

Lawmakers in a German state aren’t pleased with Facebook’s “no fake name” stance, so they’re demanding that the social networking company change their policies. The Facebook terms of service stipulates that users must use their government name; in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, however, the law books say that citizens are allowed to use pseudonyms “when it’s technically possible and reasonable.” Basically, it’s the same as Arizona petitioning a European company, with a state-side office in New York, to adopt all AZ state laws.

Currently, since Facebook’s European Head Quarters are in Ireland, they must adhere to Irish and European Union laws; company attorneys plan to argue that they’re not beholden to German law, especially state law.

Did IBM Make A Major Online Privacy Breakthrough? Stock Prices Indicate “Maybe”

Big Blue made a big announcement and their stock price rose. According to reports, IBM, in collaboration with the European Union and other digital security entities, have developed a product which only allows pertinent information to be released when required. For example: a bartender doesn’t need to know the addresses of their patrons, only that their 21. The technology is called an “identity mixer”, and if the clamor for increased online privacy continues, it could prove to be a huge moneymaker that will open a new market sector.

Another Day, Another Internet Law FTC Issue

The Federal Trade Commission made headlines today for three reasons: (1) Folks aren’t happy with the commission’s rumored antitrust settlement with mega-search company, Google; (2) They announced an intense investigation into several data brokers; and (3) Nickelodeon game, SpongeBob Diner Dash, was pulled from the iTunes App Store for violating COPPA rules.

Byte-Sized Internet Law News

U.K. Tory politician settled his defamation lawsuit against the BBC and ITV. The BBC owes the disgraced ex-treasurer 185,000 and ITV has to fork over 125,000.

AZ Central highlighted an obscure tax involving lease costs of which every limited liability company in the state should be aware.

The Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance officially opened their doors in France. The new association plans to focus on issues affecting pay-TV providers.

Instagram had to deal with a major intellectual property snafu, when reports surfaced that the company was going to sell users’ photos. This has not been a good week for Kevin Systrom.

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