Dirty Money or Dirty Political Tricks? A Defamation Suit In The Making

Politics. Money. Sex. Mix those three things together and you have a juicy news story stew, custom fit for the tabloid rack. But our salacious defamation story isn’t a staple headline of gossip rags, instead, in this election year, it’s prime fodder for mainstream news outlets.

Election Time = Accusation Time = Possible Defamation Lawsuit Time

The political cycle is in high gear for local, state, and national elections. Candidates from both sides are doing their best to expose opponents’ alleged unethical or illegal activity. And since our society is naturally drawn to scandal, these political ads focus on the triumvirate of public scorn – adultery, money and sex. Such is the case with billionaire Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and huge donor to the Republican Party.

What Now Macau?

Our story begins on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in Macau. To give you an idea of what drives Macau’s economy, think of it as the Chinese version of Las Vegas – a playground for adults — complete with gambling and legalized prostitution.  Former CEO of Sands China, Steven Jacobs, claims he was fired in 2010 as a result of his unwillingness to institute prostitution at his hotel. Jacobs alleges that Adelson personally told him, “it [prostitution] would help our overall gaming revenue.” But Adelson and his attorneys deny that claim.

The Politicking & Lawsuits Begin

Fast forward to 2012.

The court in which Jacobs filed his suit against his former boss recently released documents explaining the nature of Jacobs’ wrongful termination suit. Add to that the sworn declaration by Jacobs’ attorneys that Adelson had full knowledge of prostitution taking place at his corporation’s casino hotels in Macau prior to Jacobs’ termination. Balance that with the fact that Sheldon Adelson gave approximately $30 million to GOP causes during this current election cycle.

Now, what can we extrapolate from these circumstances? If we’re being neutral and fair, nothing really. As the personal business dealings of political donors shouldn’t really be a part of election discourse – but all’s fair in an election year and both parties are equally guilty of highlighting inane nonsense to drum-up outrage. And this time around, it was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) who decided to issue a batch press release entitled, “House Republicans Funded By Chinese Prostitution Money?

The DCCC’s claim of Sheldon Adelson donating millions of dollars tainted by money used to facilitate the “oldest profession on earth” and directed into the GOP PAC coffers has enraged Adelson. He and his lawyers vehemently deny the claims, calling it libelous and defamatory. They are demanding the DCCC retract the statement and issue an apology. According to the Associated Press, DCCC Press Secretary Jesse Ferguson indicated the DCCC is reviewing Adelson’s request.

The civil trial between Steven Jacobs and Sheldon Adelson is still pending. And we have yet to see whether or not Adelson will file a defamation suit against the DCCC and/or Steven Jacobs regarding the claims.

Speak With A Defamation Lawyer

Defamation, libel, slander are serious matters. If someone defames you or your business, don’t hesitate to call an attorney experienced in defamation law. Your good name does not have to be dragged through the mud, or anything else for that matter. Let an experienced defamation lawyer try to help you keep the good reputation you worked so hard to build and maintain.

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