FBA Buzz: Is The Amazon Marketing App Meant To Fend Off Walmart?

Amazon marketing app
Will the new Amazon marketing app keep sellers from jumping to Walmart?

Right now, Amazon.com is a Wall Street darling. Despite a recent stock dip, its numbers bewitch investors; the offerings delight disposable-income-America; and, in semi-Shaolin fashion, Amazon has studiously molded itself into a Jedi master (if not the Kylo Ren) of supply chain logistics. The profitable cherry on top? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – a program for third-party sellers – has grown 65% over the past 12 months.

But successes aside, cautionary chatter still circulates (“Can Amazon keep an iron grip on its ecommerce dominance?”). Plus, Walmart is starting to woo third-party sellers, which has some people wondering: “Are we on the precipice of an ecommerce cage fight?”

So, what is one way that Bezos & co. can stay on top? Boost FBA seller stickiness.

A New Tool For Amazon Marketing

In its latest attempt to attract and keep marketing entrepreneurs, Amazon developed a “selling coach” app that allows FBA users to:

  • Track inventory;
  • Monitor sales; and
  • Get up-to-the-minute advice and pricing suggestions based on site activity.

Beyond the “selling coach” app, Amazon is also helping FBA users with:

  • Translation services (to help folks enter the international market); and
  • Advice on how to improve listings.

Amazon’s Developing Programs to Attract and Retain Marketers

Amazon is openly courting marketers. Which makes sense; forty-five percent of Amazon merchants are “outside” sellers. In the past year, the FBA roster alone has exploded by sixty-five percent. The numbers communicate the story: Fulfillment by Amazon is a wildly successful venture; and the more money FBA marketers make, the more money Amazon makes.

Merchant Fulfilled Prime Eligible

In addition to the new app, the Amazon marketing team is testing out a new concept – “merchant fulfilled prime eligible.” The program baits warehouse-equipped companies with Amazon’s favorable shipping rates. A win-win: Amazon expands its brand, but saves money on warehousing costs and participating companies save on shipping costs.

Hook Up With An Fulfillment By Amazon Lawyer

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