FDA Rules HCG Weight Loss Products Are Ineffective & Misleading

HCG Illegal FDA Announcement
The FDA Decided That certain Weight Loss Products Are Illegal.

The Federal Drug Administration announced that HCG Weight Loss products are illegal. Eleven specific products were named in the statement, all of which were labeled “homeopathic” and received letters from the FDA informing them of their products perceived illegality.

The FDA’s Claims About HCG Weight Loss Products

Spokespeople for the Federal Drug Administration announced that products containing human chorionic gonadotropin are not effective weight loss supplements. The FDA cautions that taking HCG on a minimal calorie diet is very dangerous and increases one’s risk of a heart arrhythmia. Electrolyte imbalance and the development of gallstones are two other side effects the FDA is now linking with HCG weight loss products.

What Happens Next With HCG Weight Loss Products?

According to the FDA, all HCG brands who received FDA notices have fifteen days to develop a corrective actions plan. If they fail to do so, the FDA can either seize aspects of their business to halt the sales, or start criminal proceedings.

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