Google to Consider DMCA Takedown Notices when Ranking Websites

If you’re 100% sure that the content on your website is unique and does not violate copyright laws, give yourself a pat on the back and breathe a sigh a relief. If you’re on the other side of the fence and wondering whether or not your content violates someone else’s copyright, keep reading — because it looks like DMCA takedown notices will play an even bigger role in your business pretty soon.

DMCA Takedown Notices Matter More Now

Google recently announced they will factor the number of valid DMCA takedowns associated with your site when ranking it. Meaning, your website ranking will take a hit for having valid DMCA complaints of copyright infringement against you in your website.

Google is doing this to reward websites whose content is unique and legitimate, and punish sites with content that infringes on someone else’s copyright.

How Many DMCA Takedown Notices Does Google Get?

Google says they now have enough data to factor in the number of legitimate DMCA takedowns they receive every day. As a matter of fact, Google says they are now receiving more DMCA takedown notices each day than they did for all of 2009, stating they received over 4.3 million URL takedown requests in just the past 30 days.

Recently, Google posted a list of over 30,000 domains for which they received takedown notices within the last 30 days. The total number of domains on Google’s list exceeds 5 million.

Is Your Domain One of Them?

Has your URL been blocked by your ISP because of a DMCA takedown notice? Did the person or company accusing you of copyright infringement have a legitimate reason to send your ISP a takedown notice? Or are you skeptical about the takedown notice being the work of a copyright troll looking to cause people grief?

No matter the situation, an attorney experienced in online copyright law and DMCA takedown notices can help you get your website back on its way to a higher ranking. A lawyer specializing in Internet law can assist you and your Internet business to formulate a strategy in order to keep copyright infringing content from making its way onto your site and what to do when another party files a DMCA takedown notice against you.

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