Are The Google Privacy Settings On “Plus” An Online Privacy Minus?

Google Privacy Settings Issues
Is another Google privacy settings scandal — like Buzz — on the way?

Uh oh, y’all. It looks like we’ve got another Google privacy settings scandal on our hands. Remember Google Buzz, the company’s attempt to create a social network to rival Facebook? Do you also remember how the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had a little something to say about GoogleBuzz automatically enrolling gmail customers and operating as an opt-out service instead of an opt-in service? The nation’s consumer watchdog wasn’t thrilled, to say the least.

But, apparently, the Big G may have messed up privacy wise again — because Google + — the company’s second attempt to rival Facebook — has its own security breach black holes.

“Compartmentalization Makes Us Better!” Claimed Google.

When Google announced the release of Google+, “compartmentalization” was the name of the marketing game. Plus was — Google hoped — to be the social network for folks who didn’t want to share everything with every acquaintance and workmate. Drawing the distinction between “family” and “friends,” Google+ lets users set up different circles, so they could share different stuff with different people.

Fine. Good. Right? Ehhh, not so fast. The Plus had some privacy bugs, too.

Are The Google Privacy Settings For Plus Like Beacon?

Let’s say you got engaged, but you don’t want the whole world to know just yet. So, you just post the news on your “super good friends” Google+ circle. Safe, right?

Maybe not.

The next day you receive congratulatory messages from people in your “Egh, I’ll just be friends with them online” circle.

“What the….?!”

“How the….?!”

Re-Sharing On Google +: An Online Privacy Problem?

See, there’s an option on Google+ called “re-sharing.” Which means anyone in your inner circle of friends can “re-share” the news of your engagement with people in their circles — and some of their “good friends” are on your “hateration list.”

And guess what? The “re-sharing” option on Google+ is automatically turned on by default. Good times.

Right now, the only easy way to keep information of a personal nature within your inner circle of friends and family is to tell them not to share your news with anyone.

The moral of the story: Make sure your Google privacy settings are how you want them.

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