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Kelly Warner has considerable experience with graphic design and web development legal issues.

You’re a designer, or maybe a developer. Perhaps you run a creative agency. Whatever the specifics, one thing is certain: you’re the talent that propels our new economy forward.

Which is why you should have a graphic design lawyer on speed dial.

Kelly Warner Law represents companies that work to preserve the integrity of the design and development community. Like you, we have a passion for innovation, a deep respect for good design, and an even greater admiration for designers and developers who shape our collective taste and keep our eye on the future.

We understand the obstacles web development companies’ face including:

A Graphic Design Lawyer Is A Highly Effective Debt Collector

Since you do your job well, people think it’s easy. As a result, pushy clients try to take advantage of your services. Simply stated: nobody understands the “joys” of clients continuously questioning invoices quite like a design & web development agency.

Design and Development Contract Legal Assistance

Guard Against The Creep!

First the client asks, “Can you add X, too?” Then they complain about having to pay for the work to make X happen. This is project creep and every web agency knows its evils. Kelly Warner will draft an air-tight web development and/or design agreement specifically for your firm – a contract that guards against project creep. We’ll also assist with more complex, one-off contract negotiations that need to be executed with a laser-like focus.

Copyright, Trademark and Trade Dress Protection

Your team of web developers, multimedia professionals, copywriters, and marketing strategists work in concert from concept to launch — and sometimes beyond. Your expertise is brand development, that’s why it’s important to have a legal arm to consult about copyright, trademark and nuanced intellectual property issues.

Protect Your Talent (& Copyrights)!

Online Business Consultations and Analysis

Federal statutes are catching up with technology. Regulations governing online business transactions are in a state of flux. If you haven’t changed your disclaimers, privacy policies, and information data collection procedures in awhile, there’s a good chance you’re currently not in compliance. The FTC and FCC have been cracking their whips, so it’s important to make sure you’re legally up-to-date.

As a law firm that focuses on Internet-related issues, we provide comprehensive website and online business consultations. We also offer several Internet reputation management and online marketing packages.

Part of staying ahead of the curve is staying up-to-date on the law. A graphic design lawyer will protect your agency so that you can remain focused on the things you do best.

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