Han Han Makes Headlines With Another Internet Law Claim

Chinese Blogger Han Han
Popular Chinese Blogger, Han Han, is involved in another Internet law case. Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/laihiu/48177854

Well what do we have here!? Looks like everybody’s favorite race car driver/poet/ Internet-sensation is once again making international Internet law headlines. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got some more news from the Han Han files.

Don’t remember Han Han? He’s the insanely popular Chinese blogger who recently made news after filing a very high profile defamation lawsuit against his arch nemesis, Fang Zhouzi. Now, Han Han is once again making headlines as part of an author cabal who were awarded damages for online copyright violations. Specifically, the authors were upset about Wenku, an online literary database which has been posting works that can be downloaded for free.

Even though he was awarded moola, Han Han may not be rejoicing, as the prolific netizens didn’t get a fraction of what he asked for in the lawsuit.

You see, Han is part of an author association called the Copyright Protection Alliance. Recently, an attorney for the members filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Baidu, a popular search engine in China. Out of the claims brought via the CPA filing, 7 of the suits were dropped and 7 claimants were awarded damages. Han was one of the lucky seven – he got about 40,000 yuen.

But as I mentioned above, Han Han had asked for much more than a mesley 40, 000 yuen. Homeboy  wanted 760,000 (about $120,635). But perhaps most importantly, our man Han formally requested that the Baidu executives issue a prominent apology to Han Han and co. on their homepage. But the judge in the case could not be convinced that an apology was in order.

In true media-aware style, Wang Guohua, Han’s lawyer, announced that he and his client are considering an appeal in the copyright infringement lawsuit against Baidu.

Now, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to get my Han Han on and promote myself. So, if you need to consult with an online copyright infringement lawyer, give us a call. We’re Internet law attorneys who know a whole lot about online intellectual property law.

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