Google’s Algorithm Affected Small Business SERP Rankings

Have you looked at how well your site ranks on Google lately? Have your Web sales and traffic go bungee jumping without a cord?

If your SERP ranking has improved since late-February, congratulations. If, however, the number of unique visitors to your website has decreased, it may be because of Google’s algorithm change.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published a story about small businesses that experienced precipitous search ranking declines since the update. One online retailer, according to WSJ, suffered a 40% drop in sales.

What turned out to be a loss in ranking for some, was a gain for others. Big-box retailers, like WalMart and Target, along with online auction giant eBay, have been doing better since the algorithm change.

The perception exists among some small business owners that the latest algorithm change puts them at a distinct disadvantage against retail giants. Google’s new and improved algorithm, they say, makes it more difficult to compete for — and market to —  potential buyers.

But, there are things small businesses can do to help improve a website’s Google ranking.

Start by taking a look at product descriptions. Compare yours with similar listings on bigger sites.

Then ask yourself:

  • What’s lacking in the product descriptions I have on my website?
  • How does the higher ranking website appeal to the consumer on both the cognitive and emotional level?
  • What can I do to optimize the content I have on my website in order to boost my search ranking?

Once you take the time to assess (then reassess) your website’s content, take the next step and hire a company that specializes in search engine optimization.

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