I Can’t Afford A Lawsuit. (Not So Fast! Maybe You Can.)

Can't afford a lawyer? Maybe you can.
Can’t afford a lawyer? Maybe you can.

I can’t afford a lawyer!

Maybe you can – with a little help from your “Internet friends.”

Take Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, for example. A Singaporean blogger, Ling landed on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s naughty-list for accusing the big wig of “criminal misappropriation of public fundsand is now facing a defamation lawsuit.

So, where does a cash-strapped blogger turn when staring down the barrel of a very high profile online defamation lawsuit? Why, to the Internet, of course! Specifically, to the nearest crowdfunding platform.

And it worked! Over 100 people contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Ling’s legal campaignbecause who can resist lending a few bucks to a keyboard critic being bullied by the most powerful politician in his country!?

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