Canadian, Australian and American Officials Join Forces in International FTC Lawsuit

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International FTC Investigations

The FTC is flexing their muscles this summer. Their latest target: Yellow Page B.V. – a European-based operation out of Palma de Mallorca. An internationally coordinated effort, the Canadian Competition Bureau and Australian authorities are also in on the case.

About Yellow Page B.V.

According to International FTC lawsuit documents, Yellow Page B.V. has been operational since 2009. The company is said to use corporations based out of the United States, Netherlands and England. Jan Marks; Yellow Page Marketing B.V., also doing business as Yellow Page B.V. and Yellow Page (Netherlands) B.V.; Yellow Publishing Ltd.; and Yellow Data Services Ltd. are all named defendants in official documents.

International FTC Accusations

American, Canadian and Australian officials all claim to have evidence that Yellow Page B.V. orchestrated a deceptive fax scheme that collectively bilked small businesses and nonprofits out of millions.

Officials allege that Yellow Page B.V. would send faxes using the known “Yellow Pages” name and a logo strikingly similar to the iconic “walking fingers.” The fax stated that the company had to pay their “Yellow Pages” invoice for the year, or risk losing their listing. The fine print at the bottom revealed that the fax was, indeed, a solicitation for new business and the act of signing and faxing back meant that the company wanted to sign up for a 2-year, $89 a month listing on an Internet directory not associated with Yellow Pages, Inc.

Companies who realized their mistake and called for a refund were told the cancellation period had expired. In addition,  Yellow Page B.V. informed “customers” that unpaid bills would be handed over to debt collectors.

International authorities are citing Yellow Pages B.V. for falsely representing themselves as the local yellow pages and falsely insinuating a preexisting business relationship.

A judge ordered that all Yellow Page actions must be halted; in addition, their accounts have been frozen during the investigatory period. As is the case with all FTC investigations, it’s now up to Yellow Pages B.V.’s lawyers to prove their client was in compliance with FTC regulations.

Being stalked by the FTC? Have an international FTC lawsuit situation you nee to discuss? Contact the Kelly Law Firm to explore your options. Remember, an FTC investigation does not automatically equate to guilt – they get it wrong too sometimes. We have experience defending against over-reaching FTC allegations; we know their rules. If you want to win, get in touch today.

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