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international Internet lawKelly Warner is a US-based Internet Law Firm, But just like the Web, We’re Here For clients around the globe.

Kelly / Warner Law can assist you with any international Internet law issues having to do with defamation, SPAM, email, intellectual property, DMCA claims, online privacy, affiliate marketing programs, Internet fraud, cybersquatting, compliance, contracts and regulatory actions.

International Internet law is an increasingly complicated area of regulation. And we understand it.

Unless your website can only be accessed in the United States, everybody with an online business presence needs to consider international Internet law regulations. For example, did you know that if your website can be accessed in the UK, it must have a privacy policy with specific language? Moreover, it must include an alert, which users can click to accept, acknowledging that cookies are being used on the site. It’s known as the UK Cookie law, and compliance is necessary for anyone with a serious online business presence.

Whether your enterprise is new or established, we can help protect your interests and advise you on applicable international Internet law issues.

Safeguard your business and your future by getting in touch today. We are available by web or phone and can advise you on international Internet law questions, no matter where you are in the world.

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