Internet Law

We Love Internet Law to Megabits and Pieces

The Internet is more than just a convenient way to connect with friends or catch up on the news – it’s the new international commerce hub. And with more and more businesses trying to make their mark on the digital frontier, you need an Internet law firm that really understands Internet law and today’s marketplace. Kelly / Warner is that Internet law firm.

So Why Do I Need an Internet Law Firm?

If you’re starting a company or developing a product, enlist an Internet law firm to guide you through the legal maze. After all, Internet laws and regulation are constantly evolving. Since we’re a legal practice that exclusively focuses on cyber law matters, we’re always up-to-date on the latest Internet law cases and online regulations.

Think of it this way – you wouldn’t ask your dermatologist to set your broken leg, so why would you seek help for your online business from someone with little to no Internet law experience?

We’re more than just a bunch of geeks with law degrees. We’re recognized Internet law legal authorities with years of experience litigating fields like:

What Sets the Kelly / Warner Law  Apart? We’re Technology Nerds.

We aren’t one of those stodgy, old-guard law firms that hires a 25-year old junior associate in order to justify placing an ad in the Yellow Pages under “Internet attorney.” Instead, Every member of our Internet law legal team is a tech-savvy superstar.

We’ve been online for most of our lives, and as a result, don’t just keep up with the latest technological trends and regulations – we outpace them.

For instance, we understand the legal process of producing mobile-phone applications, because we designed and developed an app ourselves. It’s free for both iPhone and Android, and it gives our clients the freedom to check their case files and updates any time of the day or night. You can even send us “to-do” lists (though we must draw the line at dry cleaning).

We also help our Internet law clients set up programs like Basecamp and Skype on their computers so they have access to us 24 hours a day, every day of the week. It’s also a great way for our clients to keep track of their case as it develops. While other law firms keep strict office hours, we think it’s our responsibility — as part of the new generation of Internet lawyers — to give our clients unparalleled control and complete access to case-related information. It’s just how we roll.

Most importantly, we deliver results.

Our use of technology allows us to build comprehensive and convincing cases for our clients. We have a proven record in the courtroom, having successfully represented everyone from Inc. 500 companies to individuals defending themselves against Internet defamation.

No matter what your Internet law issue is, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Not only do we have the experience you need to succeed on the Internet, but we also employ modern, innovative practices that will to keep you ahead of your competitors. If you need Internet law legal counsel, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation.