Internet Lawyers For Online Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Internet lawyer Aaron Kelly, alongside his partners, founded Kelly / Warner for online businesses,
entrepreneurs, and tech startups.

Aaron is equally passionate about helping people and being part of today's online business industry. Plus, the team at Kelly / Warner are pros at crafting unique, bold solutions for today's fast-paced, fluid, online marketplace.

How Can Internet Lawyers Help You?

Internet attorneys know a lot about two things:
The law and technology.

The Internet lawyers at Kelly / Warner Can:

  • Help entrepreneurs form online businesses.
  • Assist online sellers with account and counterfeiting issues.
  • Formally register intellectual property on behalf of clients.
  • Secure restraining orders for myriad situations, like trade secret standoffs, unfair and deceptive marketing, online harassment, and intellectual property conflicts.
  • Regain control of domains from competitors and ill-intentioned profiteers.
  • Restore countless reputations by getting defamatory content removed from the Web or redacted.
  • Defend parties unfairly accused of online defamation and trade libel.
  • Perform digital marketing reviews.
  • Represent parties under FTC investigation.
  • Work with businesses in the aftermath of security breaches.
  • Counsel individuals unfairly accused of piracy and illegal downloading.
  • Advise ISPs on international Internet law requirements.
  • Rectify legal tussles born from online payment processing snafus.
  • Help individuals families fight back against cyberbullying and cyber harassment.
  • Provide governance to online fantasy sports leagues.
  • Assist ISPs and developers implement privacy measures outlined in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, HIPPA, and GLB.
  • Act as counsel for corporations, small businesses, social media celebrities, artists, developers, and entrepreneurs.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it gives you a snapshot of our firm’s focus: Internet law, in all its varied niches. If you don’t see your issue listed, still give us a call.

We’ve handled all manners of situations -- and even if we can’t help, we can probably put you in touch with someone who can.

Kelly / Warner: Internet Lawyers That Speak Your Language

Kelly / Warner attorneys understand the intersection between law and technology. Like you, we speak PHP and SEO. We're fluent in all things digital, and know how to help protect and grow your business.

Internet Lawyers With International Clients

Kelly / Warner is a US-based Internet law firm that also works with overseas clients. We handle situations involving online business, trade libel, infringement, online privacy, marketing, Internet fraud, cybersquatting, compliance, regulatory actions, contracts, and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Internet Law Attorney?

Our services are priced with startup budgets in mind. Plus, we offer flat-fee packages for affiliate marketers, designers, developers, and online businesses. Otherwise, hourly rates are dependent on the situation.

A Top-Rated Firm With An Exceptional Reputation

Kelly / Warner maintains high professional ratings -- a fact of which we're very proud. Currently, the founder of our Internet business law firm has a "Preeminent" rating with legal review board, Martindale-Hubbell, in addition to a 10-out-of-10 on

Internet Lawyers, Evolved.

If you're starting or running an online business, launching a digital marketing campaign, developing an app, defending your online reputation, or trying to protect intellectual property -- let's talk.

We stop at nothing to represent our clients' best interests.

We’re not successful until you are.

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