Internet Marketing Law

Internet marketing law
Kelly Law can help with all your Internet marketing law needs.

Internet Marketing Lawyer

As an Internet marketer, you know how to optimize advertisements, improve click through rates and implement the best SEO techniques. But how well do you know Internet marketing law? Are you sure your methods don’t run afoul to federal, state, or international regulations? Are you unsure if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be knocking on your door? Don’t risk your money or your reputation, consult with lawyers who are also affiliate marketers — like us.

Representation for Publishers, Advertisers, and Ad Networks

You need the expertise of Internet Marketing law firm that understands your unique business challenges.

Internet marketing brings with it a matrix of advanced legal issues. Our experienced affiliate marketing lawyers are well acquainted with concepts involving advertising and communications, CAN-SPAM, behavioral advertising, lead scrubbing and lead shaving, online privacy, trademarks, and the specific knowledge of how these factors apply to web businesses.

Internet Marketing Law Lawyers that Know Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, List Building, Split Testing, and Copyrighting

Does your current lawyer give you a blank stare when you start talking about CPA strategies, legalities of article spinning, or which vertical could land you in hot water with the FTC?

We appreciate the obstacles that you face, and will give you comprehensive legal advice so you succeed in the evolving Internet economy. As Internet marketing lawyers, we’ll help you deal with an emerging set of rules that govern everything from how and when you can gather and use your customers’ information to data privacy and security concerns.

Why You Need an Internet Marketing Law Attorney

Today, we have access to much more private client information than in the past. A common occurrence is for new companies to  “fly by the seat of their pants” attitude, and don’t invest in proper policies and contracts. Then, once their business is established and profitable, a legal mess lands. Oftentimes, the lack of legal protection in place, means the company suffers — and pays — unnecessarily.

Kelly Warner Law is an established Internet marketing law legal practice. We can help to reduce your business’ liability and protect you from potential legal attacks. We can also step in at a moment’s notice and help rectify any litigation issues, should they arise. We are familiar with all aspects of Internet marketing law, including:

  • eCommerce business practices
  • Blogging
  • Copyrighting
  • List building
  • FTC Compliance
  • TCPA
  • Sweepstakes and Promotions
  • Section 230 of the CDA
  • Ad Network Agreements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Privacy and security concerns
  • State and federal Internet marketing regulations
  • Intellectual property rights

As an Internet marketer, attorney Aaron Kelly has firsthand knowledge of the online issues companies encounter every day. Building a relationship with his clients based on trust and understanding, Mr. Kelly has been able to use his knowledge of business issues to help companies succeed. It is his goal to help clients grow their business in a proactive manner, ensuring that their continued success remains in step with their company vision.