Affiliate Marketing Arizona: Is Phoenix The Next Online Industry Mecca?

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Affiliate Marketing Arizona

If Arizona legislators plays their cards right, the state is poised to become the preferred residence of online business owners.

Between the California government’s decision to enact an “Amazon Tax” — which will effectively drive affiliate marketers to e-commerce-friendly states like Arizona — and the recently announced investment agreement between Phoenix-based GoDaddy and KKR Silverlake, the Grand Canyon state has a real opportunity to attract successful, tech-savvy entrepreneurs to help stimulate the economy.

Why California’s Amazon Tax is Good for Affiliate Marketing In Arizona

If you’re even tangentially involved in affiliate marketing spheres, then you’re undoubtedly aware of California’s recent statute, Assembly Bill 281. In what some people consider to be the worst financial decision in years, California legislators crippled the State’s affiliate marketing community by hoisting a hefty nexus tax onto the shoulders of online retailers.

Pro-28.1 politicians insisted the tax increase would generate $200 million for the state. But marketers quickly realized it’s more cost efficient to move their business headquarters a few states over, rather than re-structure their revenue streams to accommodate California’s new online sales tax. recognizes the Arizona-advantage and has announced plans to expand their Phoenix operations.

GoDaddy’s $2.25 Billion Affiliate Marketing Arizona Investment Agreement

Last week, a massive tech merger was finalized. Web domain giant,, inked a $2.25 billion dollar deal with investment group, KKR Silverlake. According to GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, the agreement will allow for strategic acquisitions and expansion of the company’s Arizona headquarters.

GoDaddy dominates the domain business. Research reveals that Parsons’ outfit currently services between 40% and 50% of the market. If estimates are correct, those numbers will continue to grow over the next several years. In reality, this merger means that GoDaddy could very well become the Microsoft of the domain registration and web hosting industry.

Affiliate Marketing Arizona: It IS the Place to Be

Over the coming months, expect to see Arizona lobbying for affiliate marketing transplants. The state’s taxes are attractive, the weather is warm, and with this recent influx of investment money, Arizona’s on the fast track to becoming the country’s premiere online-business hotspot.

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