The Massachusetts Data Breach Law

Massachusetts data breach lawYou may not live in Massachusetts, but if any of your customers or vendors do, you’re required to comply with the Massachusetts’ strict data breach law.

Factoids About the Massachusetts Data Breach Law:

  1. The statute was written in response to a breach that compromised 45 million credit card accounts.
  2. It passed in 2007, but didn’t go into effect until March 31, 2010.
  3. Generally speaking, the regulation requires that businesses, who are storing personal information, protect their network with data encryption, firewall, access control, and a comprehensive security plan.
  4. Under the law, personal information is defined as a:
  • Name;
  • Social Security Number;
  • Drivers License Number; or
  • Bank or Credit Card Number.

Contact A Data Security Lawyer

The Massachusetts data breach law is just one of many digital security laws that have been enacted by state legislatures across the country. Anyone doing business over the Internet must comply with them all. Keeping current with online privacy and data security laws  is your responsibility, not necessarily the host’s or domain registrar’s.

If you have questions about the Massachusetts Data Breach law or other online privacy questions, get in touch today.

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