McKee V. Laurion Defamation Lawsuit: Round Three

Looks like Dennis Laurion is heading back to court. The Minnesota resident, who has been entangled in an online defamation lawsuit for nearly two years, was reportedly “dismayed” to learn on Monday that the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the decision of District Court Judge Erick Hylden.

In April of 2011, Hylden ruled that 11 statements purportedly made by Laurion did not constitute online defamation. But this week, the appeals court essentially said, “Nope, this case should be heard by a jury.”

Dr. David McKee – of Northland Neurology and Myology – first filed suit in June of 2010, accusing Laurion of online defamation after McKee provided medical attention to Laurion’s father in the hospital after a stroke. Dennis was not pleased with McKee’s demeanor or professionalism and took to a couple of doctor-review-sites to air his grievances.

Laurion contends every statement he made online was truthful and denies posting his diatribes “all over the Net.” Instead, he insists that he only made a couple of online statements, which he eventually deleted, and filed a couple of complaints. That’s it.

Nevertheless, McKee is asking for around $50,000 in defamation damages.

When asked how he felt about the appellate court’s decision, McKee said it was “good news and I’m glad that it turned out that way.”

Laurion’s lawyer explained that while they would have loved to see decision stand, the appellate court decided that there were, indeed, triable issues, and his team would simply have to go back to court.

The Laurion online defamation trial will focus on 6 statements allegedly typed by Dennis on the Internet.

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