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Streamline Your Mobile Business With The Help Of A Mobile Law Attorney

Why mobile law?

The mobile market may be the new advertising frontier, but it’s a jungle out there. New entrants to the mobile market have to keep themselves protected from copyright infringement, stay compliant with FTC and FCC regulations, and jump through numerous other legal hoops, all while staying competitive with the thousands of new start-ups that appear on the market daily.

As experienced mobile law and marketing  lawyers, we’ve got the skills to keep you operating legally and efficiently. We don’t just provide a safety mechanism for our clients– we provide a complete legal streamlining. We know that with more and more businesses establishing themselves on the mobile market, it’s just as crucial for mobile advertisers and developers to stay ahead of the curve as it is to stay within regulations. We’ll give you the leverage you need to stay on top.

We’re Mobile Law Marketing Pros

You know that free app that we offer? We developed and marketed it ourselves, so it’s safe to say that we know a little more about mobile law than your average Internet attorneys. Between representing ourselves and our clients, we’ve won numerous cases involving:

  • FTC and FCC Guidelines
  • SMS Message Advertising, including messages regarding sweepstakes and other advertising promotions
  • Privacy Laws
  • Spam Law
  • Opt-in and Opt-out Regulations
  • Non-disclosure/Non-compete Agreements
  • Banking Regulations for Mobile Payments
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act
  • Regulation Z
  • CARD Act
  • Consumer Protection under Regulation E

We’re also well versed in international regulations and copyright laws. If and when your product or campaign goes global, we’ll be by your side to keep you protected and profitable.

From Our App to Yours

Every minute matters if you’re trying to make it in the mobile market, and we understand our busy clients are pressed for time on a daily basis. That’s why we built a free mobile law app to maintain a constant and instantaneous stream of communication. You can view all of your case files, check off to-do lists and live chat with us 24/7. Even the busiest coders can stay up-to-date and in control of their mobile law case as it develops.

We’re happy to give consultations and host meetings over Skype and chat, too. The way we see it, today’s mobile law lawyers need to be as accessible to their clients as possible. It’s our duty to make talking to your mobile law attorney convenient, whether you live in Arizona, Alaska, Argentina or Australia.

Experienced Mobile Law Lawyers Make A Big Difference

Working so deeply with mobile law has given us a kind of focus and experience ideal for today’s marketplace. As mobile advertisers and developers ourselves, we share our clients’ passion for emerging technologies, and we believe it’s this passion that is the backbone of our success. If your business has already delved into the mobile market, or if you’re strongly considering it, contact our mobile law attorneys today to set up a consultation.