Mobile Marketing Alert: New Android App May Be A Thorn In Marketers Sides

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New Android App allows users to report advertising texts directly to the FTC

Attention Mobile Marketers: A new Android app called PrivacyStar alerts the Federal Trade Commission of questionable “text-vertising” campaigns. Yep, you read that right: the small but powerful program allows users to file a formal FTC complaint with the tap of a finger. So, if texting is one of your current mobile marketing methods, be aware that users can now easily alert officials if they think your advertising texts are unsolicited SPAM.

Bottom line: it’s a good time to review your mobile marketing process to make sure it doesn’t cross the legal line.

From CNN:

Fighting text spam got easier by leaps and bounds on Wednesday when Android app PrivacyStar added a free-to-use feature, which will help users file formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission directly from their smartphones.

What Mobile Marketers Should Do To Evade The Federal Trade Commission’s Wrath:

  1. Read and follow all the rules outlined in the Dot Com Disclosures.
  2. Enlist an Internet law attorney to do an audit of your marketing plan to double check that you’re operating on the right side of the law.
  3. Read about recent FTC investigations to ensure you’re not engaging in the same activities that are landing others in the legal hot seat.

The Golden Rule For Mobile Marketing

These days, devices are a dime a dozen. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and weights. The proliferation of hand-held computers and smartphones has also led to the proliferation of mobile marketing. But as we all know from personal experience, users don’t dig advertisements that pop-up, beep, shout and slow down a system; users especially dislike incessant mobile ads and SPAM. So, here’s the golden rule every mobile marketer should consider:

Try Not To Annoy, Don’t Trick People Into Signing Up and Don’t Lie!

If you follow these three simple rules, your advertising plan is probably on the right side of mobile marketing law. If you want to make sure, contact the online marketing lawyers at Kelly / Warner Law — we’ll do a comprehensive audit of your mobile marketing plan to make sure the FTC doesn’t come a-knocking.

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