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online consumer protection laws
This is an introduction to online consumer protection laws.

The world is filled with people looking to strike it rich. Financial success is the name of the game. Certain people and companies will do anything to reach that goal — especially on the Internet. That’s why we have online consumer protection laws.

Online Consumer Protection Laws

There’s no better place to find goods or services than online. The Internet has created a inter-connectivity never experienced before by mankind. And while most online business owners are innovative, forward-thinkers, the occasional wheeler-dealer surfaces that sells the sizzle instead of the steak. Their business practices can leave unsuspecting consumers with nothing but a shell-shocked pocketbook and angry emotions.

“Caveat Emptor” Still Applies Online

The words “buyer beware” have new meaning on the Internet since online consumer protection is still, technically, in its teens. Some states do have vigorous online consumer protection laws, but enforcing those laws on the Internet can be a challenge. The Federal Trade Commission has been working on Internet fraud since 2006 and progress has been made, but the constantly expanding Web is hard to police on a day-to-day basis.

The Internet’s Openess Demands Consumer Protection Measures

Big companies that do business online are easy to find and are relatively truthful in their business practices, so fraud issues are rare, especially when a company is spending millions to market their reputation of excellence.

Speak With An Online Consumer Protection Attorney

One of the best ways to avoid being trapped by Internet marketing schemes is to consult with an Internet marketing lawyer who knows the nuances of digital advertising and online consumer protection law.

If you market on the Internet, you should absolutely consult an experienced Internet lawyer well-versed in online consumer protection laws. Get in touch with Aaron Kelly today about your online consumer protection legal questions.

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