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When your reputation is under attack on the Internet, you need an online defamation lawyer who understands everything about cyber libel. Aaron Kelly of Kelly Warner Law is that attorney. Internet defamation is the cornerstone of his practice.

Internet Defamation Counsel For Businesses & Individuals

A negative online review has the power to devastate a business. The damage from a single unflattering post can ruin a business or cost you a job. That’s why Internet libel victims must deal with online defamation “like a boss” — quickly and with authority.

We Deeply Understand Online Reputation Law

Kelly Warner is one of the few business attorney groups recognized as an authority on Internet law issues. We focus on areas that are unique to the Web and digital communication, like Internet defamation and online reputation management.

What Should Victims of Online Defamation Do?

If someone posts a negative rant about you or your business online, it’s tempting to fire back with an equally heated post. Don’t do it. Feeding into an online dialog with an anonymous antagonist typically creates more problems. Doing so often emboldens your detractor and pushes them to post more negative information.

online defamation lawyer
Our online defamation lawyers will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our attorneys are familiar with all types of cyber libel situations and will guide you down the best path for your situation. (Sometimes a lawsuit is overkill and it only takes a letter to right any wrongs.)

The process of restoring your online reputation can involve:

  1. Removing the offending content from the Internet.
  2. Locating the individual responsible for the comments or postings.
  3. Determining if there are copyright or intellectual property issues at stake.
  4. Suing the perpetrator for online defamation.

Experienced Online Defamation Lawyers

We use state-of-the-art technology, combined with old-world legal wisdom, to get the job done for our clients. We’re proud to be considered a premier Internet and online defamation law firm — and we work tirelessly to maintain that distinction. When your company is faced with new-era Internet reputation legal issues, you need an online defamation lawyer who understands the topics from both a legal and technological prospective — we’re those lawyers. Contact Aaron Kelly today — let us be your partner in restoring your online reputation.

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