TripAdvisor Defamation: Innkeepers Maligned

Tripadvisor defamationBad online reviews can cause serious cash flow issues for hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts. But don’t throw in the towel if someone unfairly attacks you on TripAdvisor; you have legal options!

Travel Review Websites Are A Blessing and a Curse

Online reviews play a significant role in a venue’s success. On the other hand, anyone (both the sane and unreasonable) can post anything — true or not — on travel review sites like In fact, rumor has it that nefarious innkeepers purposefully smear competitors.

But let’s not beat around the bellhop. Despite the potentially damaging effects of online reviews, anybody looking to build a strong hotel brand must market on platforms like TripAdvisor.

Playing the online marketing game doesn’t mean you must malign competitors, but ignoring defamatory online reviews is also a mistake.

Fighting TripAdvisor Defamation Won’t Drain Your Bank Account

TripAdvisor thinks users can spot a fake review quickly, but proprietors often share a different tale. “I eventually had to close down my business,” began a former Vancouver B & B owner who wants to remain anonymous. “A couple who opened a similar place in my neighborhood posted false, nasty things about my place online. Bookings started dropping at the time his postings started appearing. I tried to get the comments taken down, but didn’t have any luck. I just assumed I couldn’t afford a lawyer. Thank goodness our little one-room operation wasn’t our livelihood.”

The now-defunct B & B should have kept fighting, as it’s possible to remove defamatory comments from the Web. More importantly, a reputation management campaign goes a long way in mollifying the effects of inaccurate Internet reviews.

What Will A Hotel Online Reputation Management Firm Do?

When Internet libel lawyers pair with SEO and marketing experts, magic happens. Why? Because a lawyer-SEO team can attack online defamation issues from several angles.

Our firm works with several online reputation management companies to maintain client brands. We’re also one of the most active Internet defamation legal practices in the country. Get in touch today to rectify your TripAdvisor defamation situation.

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