Online Intellectual Property Law Attorney: Introduction of Issues

online intellectual property law lawyerThe Internet made life and business easier,  but it also created a new set of copyright and trademark law issues. That’s why is wise to have a talented Internet law legal crew on your side — a team like Kelly Warner, with stellar online intellectual property law attorneys.

Online and Internet Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can be a large and somewhat confusing subject ranging from copyright and trademark issues to trade dress and content scraping.

Typical Online Intellectual Property Law Issues Include:

  • Intellectual property purchases and sales;
  • Drafting work for hire and transfer agreements;
  • Patents, copyrights and trademarks;
  • Trade secrets;
  • Intellectual property licenses;
  • Financing with intellectual property assets;
  • Intellectual property due diligence;
  • Domain name disputes; and
  • Intellectual property protection and management.

online copyright lawyerWhy You Should Have an Online Intellectual Property Law Firm On Speed Dial

Intellectual property laws are constantly evolving to keep pace with technological advances. Kelly / Warner Law is evolving at the same pace to keep clients ahead of the competition.

Our Internet law attorneys have extensive online copyright and trademark experience, plus up-to-date training and certification in Web-specific law.

Kelly / Warner Can Help With Any Of Your Online Intellectual Property Issues

Infringement and Contracts

Is your business dealing with a copyright or trademark infringement issue? To minimize the chances of future legal hassles, do you need ironclad copyright and trademark policies?

Licensing and Registration

We can draft IP licensing agreements that will minimize the potential for protracted legal matters. We can also advise you on patent, copyright and trademark registration legal matters.


Has someone misused or misappropriated your work? Our online intellectual property attorneys can implement infringement claims.

Internet copyright and trademark attorneysChat With An Internet Copyright & Trademark Attorney Today!

Kelly / Warner is dedicated to leveraging our technology business experience, legal training and network of industry players to help your startup or business succeed.

Let us fix your online intellectual property law problems. We’ll ensure your enterprise is standing on a firm legal foundation. Contact our offices for an intellectual property law issue consultation.

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