Pay By Selfie Arms Race: Pulls Ahead?

Amazon Filed For A Coveted Patent; What Does It Mean For Consumers & Sellers?

Amazon pay by selfie patent
Amazon filed paperwork for a sought after patent.

What’s the next big e-commerce thing? Pay by selfie — and Amazon recently filed a patent application for the process.

Analysts speculate that the company will pair the facial recognition system with a payment authentication method it also owns.

By simplifying the checkout process — this new technology could invigorate consumerism…a super boon for sellers and marketers.

What Other Players Are In The Patent Race?

pay be selfie alibaba
Alibaba is one of the companies in search of a selfie payment solution.

Amazon isn’t the only horseman in the pay-by-selfie hunt. MasterCard’s lab has been hatching a picture payment solution, as has China-based, online power-player, Alibaba.

Though paying by selfie technology has yet to land on U.S. shores, selfie-login is here. Last year, the USAA — a financial services group that works with U.S. Military families — implemented login selfies.

Is Pay-By-Selfie Safe? The Way Of The Future?

Is pay by selfie safe?
The selfie payment process is expected to be very safe.

Pay-by-selfie proponents argue that facial recognition transactions are safer than password systems.

You may assume it’d be easy to trick the program with a picture or video. But engineers solved the problem by incorporating a prompt — smile, tilt your head left, blink twice — to verify personhood.

Now, of course, somebody — (probably several somebodies) — somewhere will figure out a way to game the system. That’s just par for the technology course.

Prediction: Pay-by-selfie won’t be any less safe than using a credit card and pin.

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