Legal Advice For Private Label EBooks Business

private label ebooks business legalities
What are the legalities of private label ebooks?

One way to make money online is running a private label ebooks business. But it may not be a viable option for much longer, as Amazon is determined to rid their marketplace of “undifferentiated” and “barely differentiated” ebooks.

What are Private Label Ebook Rights (PLR)

E-readers changed the way we publish and consume books. Innovative online marketers developed novel ways to monetize the service through the use of “private label rights.”

Here’s how it usually works:

Authors sell the text of their books for a flat fee; included in that fee is the right to customize and republish the content. This is called “private label rights.” It’s basically the same thing as the “no-frills” brand at your local supermarket — except with books.

But since there is only one Kindle Direct Marketplace, there are copious amounts of “no-frills” books (with identical content) now popping up and degrading the integrity of the platform.

Why Amazon Is Currently Not A Fan Of The Private Label Ebooks Business Model

Amazon is concerned that many PLR books are nothing more than elaborate, spammy pyramid-schemes. For example, an author will write and publish an ebook called “Ways to Make Money Using Kindle Direct Marketplace” and offer it for $10, with private label rights. Jane, eager to make money online, buys the book. In it, she learns how to get the text for the ebook she is currently reading and how to republish it under her name. The cycle continues on without any “real or useful” knowledge exchanged.

Authorities consider this a pyramid scheme.

Over the past several weeks, Amazon has been sending out letters to account holders suspected of engaging in these types of activities; the online retailer has also vowed to shut down the accounts of repeat and shady private label ebooks business offenders.

What Should You Do If You USE The PLR Method

If you’re currently selling non-original private label ebooks in the Amazon marketplace, it’s a good idea to take them down for the time being. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to ditch your system all together.

Make Changes To Your Books To Make It Original and Legal

Since Amazon is using duplication detecting software to sniff out books, simply make some significant changes to the text you bought. Change up the adjectives and re-structure sentences. To check if you’ve made enough changes in the text to pass a duplicate content bot, find a program like copyscape or grammarly that will pick up any “plagiarism” in your work.

Keep making changes and running it through a copyscape-like program. Once your ebook passes a scan, you can re-post your book to the Kindle store. Remember to change the cover art and images contained within for additional variation, too.

If you have questions regarding the legality of the private label ebooks business model, get in touch. We’re Internet attorneys who know all the ins and outs of online marketing law and how e-commerce marketplaces work.

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