RipOff Report Defamation Lawyer

Ripoff Report Defamation Lawyer
Online Libel 101

Has your business been trashed on Ripoff Report? Did a difficult client leave a less-than-truthful review? Or maybe a competitor is leaving phony – and disparaging – comments on your Ripoff Report page. Either way, we can help. Kelly / Warner maintains one of the most active online libel legal practices. We’ve successfully handled countless Ripoff Report Defamation lawsuits and gotten many small- and medium-sized businesses back on a profitable track.

Popular ROR Defamation Question #1: Can I Sue Someone For Leaving A Terrible Review of My Business On Ripoff Report?

The most oft-asked Ripoff Report defamation question we field is:

“Can I sue someone for leaving a terrible review on my business’ Ripoff Report page?”

Unfortunately, a simple yes or no is impossible, because every online defamation lawsuit is different. But you didn’t think we’d leave you empty handed, did you? Here are a few general defamation law guidelines:

  1. You can successfully sue for defamation if a poster makes a false statement of fact about your business; you cannot successfully sue for defamation if the person only expresses their opinion.
  2. In order to win a Ripoff Report defamation lawsuit, you must be able to show that the post on ROR directly caused a decline in business. If you can show that your business declined from the date of the posting, that is is usually sufficient.
  3. Even if the person doesn’t post under their real name, you can still file a defamation suit against them. Go here to learn more about anonymous defamation.
  4. The statute of limitations for defamation ranges between 1 and 3 years. Act quickly when faced with Internet libel.
ripoff report defamation lawyer
Ripoff Report Libel Should Be Handled ASAP

Popular Ripoff Report Defamation Question #2: How long does it take to remove disparaging content from my company’s ROR Page?

The second most asked Ripoff Report defamation question we field is:

“How long does it take to remove disparaging content from my company’s ROR page?”

We wish we could give you a definitive, boilerplate answer, but again, each case is different. In some instances, a letter from a lawyer is all it takes to get defamatory material removed from Ripoff Report. Over the years, we’ve seen situations cleared up within days. If, however, your adversary enjoys a good legal scrap, then it may take a tad longer to clear up. In those instances, though, if he or she loses, the judge may order them to pay your legal fees.

Below are several blog posts and articles about Ripoff Report defamation. Have a read through. If you’re interested in speaking with an attorney who can assist with your situation, get in touch with Kelly / Warner Law today.

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