RipOff Report Is Gone, Baby, Gone! DeIndexed From Google!

ripoff report lawyerUPDATE:  Ripoff Report may have shot themselves in the foot. Early reports indicate that the request for removal came from’s Google webmaster tools account. So now a question lingers: Was this a hacking incident or just a mistake?

Consumer Review Site De-indexed From Google! Small Business Owners Rejoice.

As of 5:00pm (EST), Tuesday, August 09, 2011, it looks like Ripoff Report is gone, baby, gone from Google! And that sound you just heard… it was the collective “hurray!” of entrepreneurs cheering their good fortune, as the consumer review website is notoriously hated by business owners.

The bane of most small businesses, Ripoff Report is (or is the proper term “was” now?) an Internet gripe site that ranks high in Google search results. Although it had humble beginnings, in recent years, the site has drawn ire from businesses and consumers alike.

Ripoff Report: The Bane Of SMEs Everywhere

Some would claim Ripoff Report ruined businesses, tarnished reputations, and destroyed lives. In fact, it could be argued that its popularity coincided with the rise of the online reputation management industry.

But business owners can breathe a sigh of relief, because ROR has been de-indexed (for now). Interestingly enough, both Bing and Yahoo! have long since done away with giving RoR mounds of SERP goodness.

Ripoff Report (ROR) Lawyer

Has your business been besmirched on Ripoff Report? If yes and you want it gone, get it touch. Our firm has helped countless companies with consumer review defamation issues. Reach out today to learn more about your legal options for getting things removed from the Web.

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