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Startup And Business Lawyers

Every business has a beginning. We provide legal counsel for all companies, whether you’re a startup or established, including employment contracts, shareholder agreements, vendor agreements, and operating agreements. Our goal is to keep the overall vision of a new company in mind as we work to protect new businesses from future legal hassle.

Business Collections And Bankruptcy Lawyers

Establishing a successful startup and running a successful business means building monetary relationships. Sometimes those relationships aren’t honored, and in those instances, we’ll help you with collections. At other times, maybe your business may need a little debt-relief help, and in those times, you can turn to our dedicated bankruptcy law division.

Internet Lawyers

Truth be told, we’re Internet geeks. We’re considered by many as one of the leading Internet law firms and provide counsel to hundreds of affiliate marketers, Fortune 500 Inc. corporations and technology startups. We make use of the latest technology and communication tools and our attorneys are active in several Internet business communities.

We’re not the lawyers who feign technological prowess. We’re the lawyers who never knew life without the Internet.

Whether you need legal assistance with a domain name dispute, FTC compliance, affiliate contracts, online intellectual property, promotions and give-a-ways, Internet defamation, an illegal downloading issue or even a hacking situation, Kelly / Warner is ready to resolve the situation.

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