Server at Arizona University Hacked

theief at computer to represent hackingDetails of the breech are still pending, so this will be short, but according to reports, hackers found their way into a server at the University of Arizona. Apparently, 9,000 alumni and applicant records were compromised.

Hacked In July

It all happened back in July and the school is just now going public. That said, the university probably did alert authorities in a timely manner. Remember, if your company is hacked and people’s personal information is compromised, you must follow various laws to inform the compromised parties.

Confusion About Why Data Was On Server

With regards to the U of A situation, there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not the data was even supposed to be on that particular server. Regardless, the FBI is investigating the situation.

University’s Law School Handling Backlash

The university’s James. E. Rogers College of Law is spearheading the recovery and notification process. Spokespeople are urging all affected parties to change their passwords.

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